10 Best Wallpaper Apps For iPhone in 2024

Best Wallpaper Apps For IPhone

Wallpapers, similar to phone covers and cases, stickers and other accessories, reflect the personality and aesthetic sensibility of the smartphone owner. The option to select different wallpapers for the home screen and lock screen allows you to further personalise the look of your iPhone.

The default wallpapers provided by Apple for the iPhone are limited in design and scope. Plus, these wallpapers might not match your personality or satisfy the vision in your mind. Wallpaper apps can solve this issue for you.

The best wallpaper apps for iPhone 2024 offer myriads of options to choose from, including live wallpapers and customisable wallpapers. These apps are available at various price points. It’s worth noting that these wallpaper apps have other impressive features as well.

This guide will help you narrow down your search for the ideal wallpaper app by breaking down the 10 best wallpaper apps for iPhone in 2024.

How Do You Select The Right Wallpaper App For iPhone?

The best wallpaper apps for iPhone must offer not just a wide range of images to select from, but also ensure the images are optimised for the iPhone screen.

The resolution of the display differs from one generation of iPhones to the next. So, while picking the right wallpaper for your phone keep an eye on the availability of HD, Ultra-HD, 4K and Retina wallpapers.

Features such as customisation tools, text effects, special fonts, etc., sit on top of the actual image. Don’t get distracted by these add-ons and neglect or compromise on the quality of image being offered by the app.

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10 Best Wallpaper Apps For IPhone In 2024

Here we have listed top 10 wallpaper apps for iPhone which you can use for the home screen and lock screen.

1) Vellum Wallpapers – Overall Best Wallpaper App For iPhone

Vellum Wallpapers Overall The Best Wallpaper App For iPhone

Purely in terms of quality of wallpapers, very few (if any) wallpaper apps for iPhone in 2024 can come close to Vellum Wallpapers. Merek Davis, the man behind the app, is a professional photographer, which lends to the curated selection of wallpapers on offer.

A new wallpaper is added to the collection every single day. Unfortunately, these new wallpapers are limited editions that are made available for just one day.

What Stands Out About Vellum Wallpapers

  • Custom blur tool to create blurred backgrounds for your iPhone.
  • Low-cost premium access to daily wallpapers from the past four weeks.
  • At 23.7 MB, Vellum is one of the lightest yet feature-rich wallpaper apps.

Price: Free with all features; Premium subscription of $1.99 to access daily wallpapers catalogue.

2) ZEDGE – Wallpaper App For Those Who Demand Custom-Made

ZEDGE Best Wallpaper Apps For IPhone

Zedge is more than just a live wallpaper app for iPhone. It’s a complete personalisation tool for your smartphone, with special emphasis on high-quality art.

When you’re done browsing the vast gallery of regular wallpapers and live wallpapers available on Zedge, you can also check out the specially designed icon packs, ringtones, notification sounds and more.

What Stands Out About Zedge

  • Purchase exclusive art pieces in the form of NFTs and display them on your home screen.
  • Premium content created by the likes of Nicki Minaj, G-Eazy and others.
  • Safe and secure credits system for in-app purchases.

Price: Free with all features; For premium content you need to purchase in-app Credits starting from $0.99 for 500 Credits.

3) Live Wallpapers For Me – Value For Money Live Wallpaper App

Live Wallpapers for Me Best Wallpaper Apps For IPhone

The Live Wallpapers for Me app by Customly offers some of the best animated wallpapers and themes for iPhone. New animation styles and dynamic themes are added to the app every week.

All the essential features offered by the app, including the Live Wallpaper Maker tool, are available with the free version. But if you want to unlock the premium wallpapers and remove ads from appearing, then you will have to get a subscription.

What Stands Out About Live Wallpaper For Me

  • Convert videos in your gallery into live wallpapers.
  • Save your favourite live wallpapers in a collection for easy access.
  • 4k live wallpapers available.
  • Weekly subscriptions offered at a very low price point.

Price: Free for essential features; Subscription to access premium wallpapers and remove ads starts from $0.99.

4) Unsplash – Best Free Wallpaper App For iPhone In 2024

Unsplash Best Free Wallpaper App For IPhone

The Unsplash app for iPhone wallpaper is a visual delight and it’s completely free. You can browse and select from over 3 million images shared by photographers from around the world.

It will be unfair to pigeonhole Unsplash as only a wallpaper app. The images can be used for any purpose and in any project. You can transfer images from Unsplash into your presentations, create an ebook cover, etc.

What Stands Out About Unsplash

  • High-resolution images with immaculate composition.
  • Interesting wallpaper categories like 3D Renders, Spirituality, Textures & Patterns, etc.
  • Text in Spanish is now available on Unsplash.

Price: Copyright-free images free of cost.

5) Kappboom – Best Multi-Purpose Wallpaper App

Kappboom Best Wallpaper Apps For IPhone

The Kappboom wallpaper gallery for iPhone currently has over 100,000 images to choose from. You can browse through these images in the slideshow mode.

You can create collages on Kappboom with the images saved in your Favourites section and share them across various social media platforms or directly send them to one or more of your contacts.

Besides live wallpapers, Kappboom offers stickers as well that are compatible with iMessage.

What Stands Out About Kappboom

  • Search for images using Flickr and Picasa, besides Kappboom’s image search engine.
  • Message themes on offer to customise your texting experience.
  • Print out images that you like.

Price: Free for all basic features; Remove ads for $1.99 and monthly/yearly subscription plans start at $7.99 that offer greater access to content and removes all ads.

6) Walli – Best Wallpaper App For Art Lovers

Walli Best Wallpaper Apps For IPhone

All of the 3,000+ wallpapers on Walli are created by a community of some of the most talented digital artists in the world. Using one of these wallpapers on your home screen is the digital equivalent of hanging a painting on your living room wall.

If you like a particular artist, you can learn more about them under the profile section and follow their work beyond Walli. This is one of the best wallpaper for iPhone in 2024.

What Stands Out About Walli

  • Artists are paid a portion of Walli’s earnings.
  • Exclusive christmas collections by various artists on offer for a small fee.
  • Images available in various sizes to match the resolution of your iPhone screen.

Price: Free with standard features; Walli PRO and Walli Premium are priced at $2.99 and $5.99, respectively.

7) Live Wallpaper Maker By Livepic – Unlimited Live Wallpapers App For iPhone

Live Wallpaper Maker By Livepic Best Wallpaper Apps For IPhone

If live wallpapers are your ideal choice and you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket, then the Live Wallpaper Maker app by Livepic is perfect for you.

Besides live wallpapers, the app also offers live themes and the option to custom-design wallpapers.

This free wallpaper app for iPhone has an extensive wallpaper catalogue, with one-tap downloads. However, in the free version there’s a cap on how many wallpapers you can pick.

What Stands Out About Live Wallpaper Maker

  • Customise and redesign both the home screen and the lock screen.
  • Multiple subscription plans for access to advanced features in the app.
  • Free trial offered before finalising subscription.

Price: Free; Unlimited access to wallpapers and features starting from $4.99.

8) Artpaper – Turns Your iPhone Into A Museum Display

Artpaper Best Wallpaper Apps For IPhone

Each of the over 1,300 artworks featured on the Artpaper app by Gikken UG has been handpicked from some of the best art galleries and museums across the world, including Tokyo Fuji Art Museum and Art Institute Chicago, among others.

Not only will you have some of the best artwork as your wallpaper, you will also be able to learn all the essential information about the piece and become art educated.

What Stands Out About Artpaper

  • Set hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reminders to change wallpaper.
  • Artpaper offers 9 app icons that can be customised and added to the home screen.
  • All wallpapers available in 5k Retina.

Price: $4.99, all inclusive.

9) Everpix – Best 4K Wallpaper App For iPhone In 2024

Everpix Best Wallpaper Apps For IPhone

The HD, 4K and Retina wallpapers offered by Everpix are designed to perfectly fit your phone’s home screen and lock screen. There’s no dearth of categories to pic wallpapers from.

Brand new wallpapers are added to the collection on a daily basis to ensure you always have something unique to customise the look of your device. This wallpaper app is one of the best for iPhone.

What Stands Out About Everpix

  • Carefully curated selection of wallpapers to satisfy everyone’s sensibilities.
  • Grid view mode offered with subscription.
  • Smooth navigation controls.

Price: Free with ads; Weekly, Monthly, Half-Yearly and Annual subscription plans starting from $1.99 with premium content and no ads.

10) Magic Screen – The Dream Live Wallpaper App For DIY Enthusiasts

Magic Screen Best Wallpaper Apps For IPhone

Magic Screen wallpaper app for iPhone has a simple user interface that step-by-step guides you while creating your own personalised live wallpapers.

It’s worth noting that most of the personalisation tools and special effects offered by Magic Screen require you to purchase in-app packs.

What Stands Out About Magic Screen

  • Add text, stickers, collages and more to live wallpapers.
  • Hundreds of effects and tools are offered in each category.
  • Share the custom-made images from the app to your PC and vice versa.

Price: Free with ads (ads removed on request, price not mentioned); Individual premium packs start from $0.99, while the Unlock Everything option costs $2.99.

Will The Release Of iOS 16 Change Your Selection?

With the release of iOS 16 and the imminent launch of the iPhone 14 series, a few new display features will be added. In regards to wallpapers, the always-on mode expected to be available with the iPhone 14 Pro will mean wallpaper apps will have a new technology to play with and design for.

As per reports, the wallpapers on offer with iOS 16 are already compatible with this new technology. So, it’s a matter of time before third-party apps release wallpapers specifically for the always-on mode. If you invest in the iPhone 14 Pro, keep a watch on app updates to ensure your selection is among the best wallpaper apps for iPhone.

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