Does McDonald’s Accept Apple Pay? (Updated 2024)

McDonald’s is one of the world’s most iconic fast food chains, serving millions of customers daily across 100 countries. With its continual focus on adapting to changing technologies and customer preferences, McDonald’s has recently embraced digital payment methods like Apple Pay. Let’s find out whether we can use Apple Pay at McDonald’s restaurants, drive-thrus and mobile apps.

Can we use Apple Pay at McDonald’s?

Quick Answer:

Yes, McDonald’s accepts Apple Pay as a payment method in stores, through their self-service kiosks, drive-thru, and mobile app Customers can use Apple Pay on their iPhone or Apple Watch to make secure contactless payments in-store, at drive-thrus or when ordering food in the McDonald’s app.

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How to use Apple Pay at a McDonald’s Restaurant

  1. When you are ready to pay at McDonald’s, inform the cashier you will use Apple Pay.
  2. Open the Apple Wallet and authenticate with Face ID, passcode or fingerprint.
  3. Select the credit/debit card you want to use.
  4. Hover your iPhone near the payment terminal when prompted.
  5. A checkmark will confirm when payment is completed.

Here are the steps for using an Apple Watch to pay at McDonald’s:

  1. Double-click the side button on your Apple Watch.
  2. When the Wallet interface appears, authorise with your passcode, Touch ID or double-click the side button again.
  3. Select the card you want to use if prompted. Your default card will be shown first.
  4. Hold the face of your Apple Watch within a few centimetres of the contactless payment terminal.
  5. Wait for the subtle vibration and beep that indicates your payment has been completed.
  6. A checkmark on the Apple Watch screen will also confirm payment went through.
Tips when using Apple Pay with your Apple Watch at McDonald’s:
  • Make sure your watch is powered on, wrist detection is enabled, and Apple Pay is set up.
  • Have a backup payment card or cash ready.
  • Keep your watch close to the terminal during the transaction.
  • For security, cover the watch face with your hand after completing payment.

In summary, Apple Watch makes your payment quick and convenient at McDonald’s. Just authorise, tap, and go to complete your purchase!

How to use Apple Pay at a McDonald’s Drive-Thru

  1. When ordering at the McDonald’s drive-thru window, state you will use Apple Pay.
  2. The McDonald’s cashier will prepare the payment terminal for Apple Pay.
  3. Authenticate and select your card on Apple Wallet.
  4. Extend your arm to tap your iPhone near the terminal.

How to use Apple Pay on McDonald’s App

  1. Add your food items and proceed to payment in the McDonald’s app.
  2. Select Apple Pay as your payment method.
  3. Authenticate with Face ID or passcode on Apple Wallet.
  4. Your payment will be processed, and an order will be placed.

Benefits of using Apple Pay at McDonald’s

Using Apple Pay at McDonald’s provides two significant benefits:

  • Security – Apple Pay uses device-specific encrypted tokens, so your card details are never shared.
  • Convenience – Your payment is contactless and works with a tap or glance.

Other payment options at McDonald’s

In addition to Apple Pay, McDonald’s also accepts other contactless payment types like:

  • Google Pay
  • Samsung Pay
  • Credit/debit cards with contactless symbols

McDonald’s does not accept checks or cash equivalents like gift cards (except their own). Customers can use loyalty program rewards and app coupons along with Apple Pay.


Apple Pay offers McDonald’s customers a fast, convenient and secure way to pay across order channels. With mobile order-ahead on the rise, contactless payments like Apple Pay will likely continue growing as a preferred payment method. So next time you’re craving McDonald’s, just tap or glance to pay!


Does using Apple Pay at McDonald’s incur any fees?

No, there are no extra fees to use Apple Pay at McDonald’s. It is a free service.

Can I use Apple Pay for McDonald’s self-service kiosk orders?

Yes, Apple Pay works at McDonald’s self-order kiosks. Just select it as the payment option.

Does Apple Pay automatically apply my McDonald’s coupons?

No, you must manually select and apply any coupons or rewards before using Apple Pay.

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