Does Instacart Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does Instacart Take Apple Pay

Instacart has transformed grocery shopping by offering same-day delivery from your favourite supermarkets. With busy lifestyles, Instacart provides a valuable time-saving solution for your household shopping needs. But can you use Apple Pay for quick, easy checkout on the Instacart app or website? With mobile payments becoming mainstream, more people are ditching wallets for the convenience of paying with their smartphones. Let’s explore if Instacart accepts this innovative contactless payment method.


Does Instacart Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Instacart does accept Apple Pay as a payment option through their app and website.

Does Instacart Accept Apple Pay?

Does Instacart Accept Apple Pay

Instacart has integrated Apple Pay functionality into both its website and mobile app platforms. You can use your iPhone or other Apple device to check out quickly and securely when ordering groceries for delivery from Instacart.

To pay with Apple Pay, simply select it as your payment method during checkout on the Instacart app or website. Then, authenticate with your passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID. Your Instacart order will be charged to your selected card, and you’ll get your groceries without the hassle of physical payment.

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How To Use Apple Pay On The Instacart App

How To Use Apple Pay On The Instacart App

Using Apple Pay on the Instacart app takes just a few taps:

  • Add your grocery items to your cart as normal.
  • Proceed to checkout and select Apple Pay.
  • Use Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone to confirm payment.
  • Your groceries will be paid for and delivered!

The Benefits of Paying with Apple Pay on Instacart

Paying with Apple Pay on Instacart offers many great advantages:

1) It’s incredibly quick and convenient – no need to enter card details. With Apple Pay, checking out takes just seconds with a single tap. You can skip tedious card entry forms and pay in a few easy steps on your iPhone. The streamlined process makes Apple Pay extremely fast for completing Instacart orders.

2) Your actual credit/debit card number is never shared, thanks to secure tokenization. Apple Pay utilizes unique one-time tokens instead of your real card details. This added layer of encryption protects your card information and keeps it private during each Instacart transaction. You can have peace of mind knowing your payment details stay safe.

3) You can still collect points, rewards, and benefits from your cards when using Apple Pay. Any credit card rewards programs you’re enrolled in will still apply when checking out with Apple Pay. You don’t have to miss out on earning points, cashback, or other card benefits just for using the mobile wallet. Apple Pay works seamlessly with your cards’ programs.

4) You have a secure record of your payments right in your Apple Wallet. Your Apple Pay purchase history gets conveniently stored for your Instacart orders. You can easily look back on payment receipts for your records in the Wallet app’s transaction list. The centralized history makes managing expenses straightforward.

What Other Payment Options Does Instacart Accept?

What Other Payment Options Does Instacart Accept

While Apple Pay is the top choice, Instacart accepts other payment methods:

Major credit/debit cardsInstacart accepts all the popular card brands like Visa and Mastercard.
Google PayYou can check out with Google Pay as another mobile wallet option.
EBT cardsCustomers can pay with SNAP/EBT benefits at eligible grocery stores.
Gift cardsRedeem your Instacart or retailer gift cards toward purchases.

So, Apple Pay offers the fastest and simplest checkout experience. But you have alternatives if needed.

Also, see the YouTube video guide for how to use Apple Pay below:

The Bottom Line

With Apple Pay support, you can easily use your iPhone or other Apple devices to pay for Instacart grocery delivery. The contactless payment method allows Instacart customers to swiftly checkout on the app without entering card details or creating an account.

For busy households, Apple Pay is a convenient and quick checkout method that saves precious time when ordering essential grocery items for delivery. Give Apple Pay a try next time you need groceries delivered fast – it will make the Instacart experience smooth, easy, and hassle-free!


1) Is it safe to use Apple Pay for Instacart?

A) Yes, Apple Pay is highly secure for Instacart. Your card details are encrypted, and your transactions are protected.

2) Does Instacart charge extra fees for Apple Pay?

A) No, Instacart does not charge any additional fees for using Apple Pay. The total cost is the same.

3) Is there a purchase limit when using Apple Pay with Instacart?

A) No, you can place large grocery orders using Apple Pay on Instacart. Any limits would be set by your bank or card provider.

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