Does Sonic Take Apple Pay In 2024? See Payment Methods!

Does Sonic Take Apple Pay Know Payment Methods

Sonic Drive-In is an iconic American fast food chain known for its extensive drive-in menu of footlong hot dogs, burgers, ice cream shakes and more. Established in 1953 in Oklahoma, Sonic has expanded over the years to over 3,500 drive-in spots across the United States. With its carhop service and signature food delivered right to your vehicle, Sonic has become a beloved brand.

As mobile payments become mainstream, you may be wondering whether an iconic drive-in chain like Sonic accepts convenient options like Apple Pay. We verified the various payment options available at Sonic Drive-In, including Apple Pay support, for you. Let’s take a closer look and explore the flexible payment methods accepted based on our research.


Yes, Sonic locations that have NFC readers accept Apple Pay for easy, contactless payment from your iPhone and Apple Watch.

We researched and confirmed Apple Pay is accepted at the Sonic Drive-In on Route 66 in Oklahoma City. Here’s the Sonic website link so you can verify their latest Apple Pay support.

How Sonic Drive-In Became a Leading Fast Food Chain

Sonic Drive-In first opened in 1953 under the name Top Hat Drive-In in Shawnee, Oklahoma. It was founded by Troy Smith but later acquired by Charles Pappe in 1959, who renamed it Sonic Drive-In. Under Pappe’s leadership, Sonic began expanding rapidly across the Southern and Midwestern United States in the 1960s and 1970s. Its drive-in concept with intercom ordering and carhop service made it a hit. By the 1990s, Sonic had over 1,000 locations nationwide. Today, Oklahoma City-based Sonic boasts over 3,500 drive-ins across the U.S. While remaining faithful to its roots, Sonic incorporates technology like online ordering, loyalty rewards programs, and contactless payment options.

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Does Sonic Accept Apple Pay In-Store, Drive-Thru and In-App?

Does Sonic Accept Apple Pay In-Store Drive-Thru and In-App

Does Sonic Accept Apple Pay In-Store: Most Sonic Drive-Ins have recently upgraded their point-of-sale systems to integrate contactless NFC terminals enabling Apple Pay in-store. This allows customers to simply tap their Apple Watch or iPhone at checkout terminals to instantly pay and complete their purchase. Using Apple Pay in-store provides Sonic customers with the fastest, most convenient payment method.

Does Sonic Accept Apple Pay Drive-Thru: Sonic drive-thrus across the country have also been equipped with NFC readers to accept Apple Pay for seamless payment. After a customer order their food via the drive-thru intercom speaker, they can then tap their iPhone on the contactless reader at the payment window to securely pay their total order amount in seconds.

Does Sonic Accept Apple Pay In-App: Additionally, Sonic has integrated Apple Pay into its official iOS mobile app as a payment option. This allows Sonic customers to place food orders ahead of time in the Sonic app, then simply scan their face or fingerprint when they arrive to pick up their order to pay using Apple Pay.

The Benefits of Paying with Apple Pay at Sonic

The Benefits of Paying with Apple Pay at Sonic

Using Apple Pay together with Sonic’s loyalty programs like My Sonic Rewards provides the perks of tap-to-pay along with earning points towards rewards. Each Apple Pay purchase still counts towards your Sonic Rewards. So, paying with your iPhone gives you the usual benefits plus faster, more secure checkout. Overall, Apple Pay delivers added rewards potential and convenience.

Other Payment Options at Sonic

Other Payment Options at Sonic

While Apple Pay is convenient, Sonic still accepts:

Credit CardsCredit Cards like Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover for flexible financing.
Debit CardsDebit Cards allow customers to pay from bank accounts.
Sonic Gift CardsSonic Gift Cards make great self-payments or gifts to redeem balances.
Sonic RewardsLoyalty Programs like My Sonic Rewards can be linked to earn points and rewards.
Google Pay and Samsung PayMobile Wallets like Google Pay and Samsung Pay are accepted at Sonic.
CashCash payments are still accepted for flexibility.


In summary, Sonic Drive-In accepts Apple Pay at most of its restaurant locations, drive-thrus, and mobile app for easy and convenient checkout using your Apple Watch or iPhone. However, Sonic still provides flexible traditional payment options as well like credit cards and cash. So, whether you prefer the speed of Apple Pay or the simplicity of cash, Sonic aims to have all your payment needs covered no matter what you crave! Consider giving Apple Pay a try on your next Sonic run for a lightning-fast tap-to-pay experience.

FAQs About Apple Pay at Sonic

1) Is Apple Pay secure when used at Sonic locations?

A) Yes, Apple Pay is very secure for payments at Sonic because all transactions are encrypted and your actual card details are never shared with the merchant. Additionally, every Apple Pay transaction requires biometric authentication with Face ID or Touch ID for an extra layer of security.

2) What should I do if my local Sonic drive-in does not have Apple Pay enabled yet?

A) If your specific Sonic location has not yet activated Apple Pay, you can still pay with another accepted payment method like credit or debit cards or cash.

3) How do I add my Sonic loyalty rewards card to Apple Pay to earn points?

A) You can easily add your My Sonic Rewards loyalty card to the Apple Wallet app. Just open Wallet, tap the “+” icon, select “Loyalty Cards”, and follow the prompts to add your Sonic rewards card. This will ensure it is automatically applied to purchases when you pay using Apple Pay.

4) Can I use Apple Pay at the drive-thru speaker to order my food and at the window to pay?

A) Unfortunately, you cannot use Apple Pay at the intercom speaker to place your order. However, you can use Apple Pay at the payment terminal window after ordering over the speaker to complete your drive-thru purchase quickly and securely.

5) Is it possible to store multiple cards on my iPhone to use Apple Pay at different Sonic locations?

A) Absolutely, the Apple Wallet app allows you to add several credit/debit cards and switch between them easily. You can designate separate Apple Pay cards for different Sonic locations or for in-store versus drive-thru purchases.

6) Does Sonic offer any special discounts or promotions when using Apple Pay instead of other payment types?

A) Sonic does not currently offer exclusive Apple Pay discounts. However, they frequently provide various coupons, deals, and loyalty rewards through programs like My Sonic Rewards that can be redeemed regardless of whether you pay with Apple Pay or another accepted payment method.

7) What troubleshooting should I try if Apple Pay is declined when I attempt to use it at Sonic?

A) If your Apple Pay transaction doesn’t work at Sonic, first double check you have an available credit balance or sufficient funds in your account linked to Apple Pay. Also try another stored card, as it could be a temporary system issue. If it still doesn’t work, contact Sonic or your card provider for assistance.

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