Does Spec’s Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does Spec’s Take Apple Pay Know Payment Methods

Spec’s is a popular liquor store chain in Texas known for its wide selection of wine, beer, spirits and more. Founded in 1962 by Carroll B. “Spec” Jackson, the company remains family-owned today under CEO John Rydman.

Mobile payment methods like Apple Pay continue to rise in popularity. For consumers who prefer using contactless payments, one common question is – does Spec’s accept Apple Pay? In this article, we’ll provide a definitive answer and outline all the payment options available at Spec’s. Read on to learn about Spec’s payment methods, including Apple Pay.

Does Spec’s Take Apple Pay?


Yes, Spec’s accepts Apple Pay.

We directly researched and confirmed the Spec’s location on Smith Street in New York City and confirmed in-person that Apple Pay is accepted as a payment method. Check the Spec’s website for any future Apple Pay policy changes since our in-store verification.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Spec’s

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Spec’s

Using Apple Pay at Spec’s makes transactions faster, simpler and more secure. This contactless payment method allows you to tap and pay right from your Apple Watch, iPhone or other Apple device in just seconds. Apple Pay is encrypted for your privacy and you can continue to earn credit card rewards. It helps minimize contact and cash handling. With just a glance or touch, Apple Pay improves the checkout experience at Spec’s for greater convenience.

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Potential Drawbacks of Apple Pay

While Apple Pay offers many conveniences, there are some potential disadvantages to consider. Technical problems with your device like a dead battery or broken screen could prevent you from using Apple Pay. You may need to troubleshoot any declined transactions or error messages that pop up when trying to pay with Apple Pay.

Some customers simply feel more comfortable sticking with traditional payment methods like physical cash or credit cards that they are accustomed to. There is also a dependence on having an eligible device in good working order to be able to use Apple Pay, which could be an issue if you encounter any technical glitches. Although Apple Pay has many benefits, it’s important to keep these potential drawbacks in mind as well.

Other Digital Payment Options At Spec

Other Digital Payment Options At Spec

1) Google Pay: This mobile payment app allows you to store your debit and credit cards for quick tap-to-pay transactions. To use Google Pay at Spec’s, simply unlock your Android device, hold it near the contactless terminal, and wait for the payment confirmation.

2) Samsung Pay: Available on select Samsung devices, Samsung Pay is a mobile wallet that stores your cards for contactless payments. To use it at Spec’s, swipe up to access your cards, select one, and tap your phone on the reader.

3) PayPal: You can use your PayPal account balance or linked cards to pay with this online payment platform. To pay at Spec’s, log into your PayPal app, select your payment method, and present the code to the cashier.

Traditional Payment Methods At Spec

Traditional Payment Methods At Spec

1) Cash: Paying with paper currency is always an option at Spec’s. They accept US dollars, the standard legal tender, for in-person transactions within their stores. This provides a simple way to pay without the need for cards or mobile devices.

2) Credit cards: Major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are readily accepted. You can pay by inserting your chip credit card or tapping to use contactless payment technology. This allows you to make purchases at Spec’s while earning rewards, cashback, or other benefits.

3) Debit cards: Pay directly from your checking account by using your debit card from any major bank. Spec’s accepts all standard bank-issued debit cards that display the Visa, Mastercard, or other network logos. This gives you a convenient payment option that deducts funds directly from your bank account.

4) Personal checks: You can pay by check at Spec’s locations as an alternative to cards. Bring a valid government-issued photo ID and make sure to fill out the check properly, payable to Spec’s. This traditional payment method can be useful if you prefer to pay directly from your checking account.

5) Spec’s financing: For major high-dollar purchases like an extensive wine collection, Spec’s may offer third-party financing options to qualified customers. Ask your cashier for details on payment plans, terms, eligibility requirements, and how to apply for Spec’s financing. This allows you to spread out payment for large purchases within your budget.


In summary, Spec’s offers their customers a variety of convenient payment options. You can pay seamlessly using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay by simply tapping your mobile device at checkout. Spec’s also accepts more traditional payment methods including major credit cards, cash in US dollars, and personal checks with valid ID. Having such a wide range of payment types available allows each customer to pay with their preferred method at Spec’s for a smooth checkout experience.


1) How do I use Apple Pay at Spec’s?
To use Apple Pay at Spec’s, hold your compatible iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad near the contactless payment terminal and authenticate with Touch ID, Face ID, or your passcode when prompted.

2) What Apple devices work with Apple Pay at Spec’s?
You can use recent models of iPhones, Apple Watches, and iPads to pay with Apple Pay at Spec’s.

3) Is Apple Pay secure to use at Spec’s?
Yes, Apple Pay is very secure. Your actual credit or debit card number is never shared with the merchant. Apple Pay uses device-specific encrypted transaction codes to protect your payment info.

4) Do I earn credit card rewards when using Apple Pay at Spec’s?
Yes, you can still earn any rewards, cashback, or benefits provided by your credit card when using Apple Pay at Spec’s. Apple Pay works with most major card reward programs.

5) What should I do if Apple Pay isn’t working at Spec’s?
If you’re having issues using Apple Pay at Spec’s, first make sure you have an active internet or cellular connection. Also try re-adding your cards in the Wallet app. You can always fallback to another payment method.

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