10 Best Call Recorder Apps For IPhone In 2023

Best Call Recorder Apps For IPhone

Do you want to know some of the best performing iPhone call recorder applications? Your quest may stop here as this post covers the best call recorder apps for iPhone in 2023.

Apple iPhones don’t have a built-in way to record conversations over the phone. Concerning consumer privacy, the tech behemoth has always been forthright. For the same rationale, we often face problems in finding a way to record phone conversations on iPhones.

How often do we end up regretting not recording a call that turned out to be crucial? After all, you can never tell when records like this may come in helpful.

There are both subscription and free model available for download. The paid editions remove all limitations on call recording and provide additional functionality not available in the free version

In this article we have concluded to some of the best call recorder apps for iPhone and then let you choose the one that works best for you.

10 Best Call Recorder Apps For iPhone In 2023

This article will discuss the 10 Best Call Recorder Apps for iPhone in 2023 available on Iphone. Consider the ones outlined below.

This blog will focus on the functions that the Best Call Recorder Apps for iPhone provide, evaluate the cost to install them on your smartphone, and then give you the option to install the app that best meets your needs.

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10 Best Call Recorder Apps For iPhone

The top 10 iPhone call recorder applications are listed below.

1) Call Recorder Lite For iPhone

Call Recorder Lite For IPhone Best Call Recorder Apps For IPhone

Price: Premium Upgrade $9.99
Compatibility: iOS 10.0 or later

Call Recorder Lite is an iPhone call recording application that automatically uploads your stored call records to the cloud. It is one of the top-performing apps in our list of best call recorder apps for iPhone. It employs a three-way call merging method that allows you to share recorded conversations through social media and email.


  • The app includes functional controls such as forward and backward skip of call data.
  • With call recorder lite, there is no limit on the number of calls recorded by user
  • You may vary the pace of your call recordings by using the rate modification tool.
  • The app simplifies transferring calls captured on one device to another.
  • Call recorder lite releases frequent updates to provide its consumers with adequate services.

2) Google Voice

Google Voice Best Call Recorder Apps For IPhone

Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS 13.0 or later

Google Voice call recorder apps for iPhone should be your one-stop shop for all things relating to phone calls if you’re seeking a reliable app to record iPhone conversations. It allows you to make free phone calls,, prevent unwanted calls, create call logs, and send voicemails, all of which are of high quality.


  • Google Voice can be synchronized between devices, allowing you to use the app from any device.
  • You may customize text messages, forwarded calls, and voicemail settings.
  • Google Voice offers a robust search capability for tracking old call records.
  • This app offers transcription services, and the transcribed document may be viewed in the app or messaged to you.
  • All data made on Google Voice is securely saved up.

3) Rev Call Recorder

Rev Call Recorder Best Call Recorder Apps For IPhone

Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS 10.0 or Later

The Rev Call Recorder is capable of recording full phone conversations. You should not be concerned about time limits while recording which makes it one of the best call recorder apps for iPhone.

The quality of the recording remains consistent throughout the whole recording procedure. The included transcribing tool will help you convert audio recordings into text. Within seconds after finishing a call recording, you’ll be given a choice to send the recording to yourself through email or to a cloud storage service like Dropbox. Rev Call Recorder for iPhone is totally free to download and use.


  • Rev Call Recorder is free of distracting advertisements, letting you conveniently record calls
  • You may transcribe your calls using a Rev call recorder since the software can turn any audio into text.
  • Recordings created by this iPhone software may be shared by email, Dropbox, and other services.
  • Rev Call Recorder provides high-quality replay without call merging.
  • When recording your calls in Rev Call Recorder, you may provide timestamps.

4) Call Recorder VoIP

Call Recorder VoIP Best Call Recorder Apps For IPhone

Price: 29.99$/month
Compatibility: iOS 12.0 or later.

Check out Call Recorder VoIP app if you own an iPhone and are interested in a free call-recording tool. The number of free recording sessions is limited inside the app. Inviting people to use the application might increase the free recording sessions limit. This call recorder app for iPhone is compatible with local and international calls and allows you to record outgoing and incoming calls.


  • This call-recording app has no maximum call time, so you may record as long of a conversation as you want.
  • Downloadable MP3 files resulting from recordings made with this app may be stored on your device.
  • Constant upgrades bring additional functionality to the app, guaranteeing crystal-clear call recordings on your iPhone.
  • Safely back up your recordings to your iPhone or the cloud with the help of Profuse’s Call Recorder app.
  • This audio call recorder has improved customer service for consumers who have complaints.

5) Call Recorder ACR Plus

Call Recorder ACR Plus Best Call Recorder Apps For IPhone

Price: Weekly subscription price is $6.99 with 3 days free trial
Compatibility: iOS 12.0 or later.

ACR is a free call recording software used in iPhones. The intuitive design, well-structured library, and powerful editing tools make this software worth downloading. It’s made for professionals who need a way to record and save calls so that they may go back to them even if they’re away from their desks.


  • Create a list of recordings by associating phone numbers with contacts.
  • You may find it by contact name, phone number, or note.
  • Keep track of calls by phone number.
  • Delete old recordings automatically
  • A Recycle Bin allows you to restore lost recordings quickly.

6) TapeACall: Call Recorder

TapeACall Call Recorder Best Call Recorder Apps For IPhone

Price: $3.99/month or $29.99/year
Compatibility: iOS 11.2 or later

TapeACall is widely regarded as the best call recorder apps for iPhone in 2023. Launch the app while on a call, and then hit the record button to initiate a three-way conference call with the third line set to record the conversation. The quality of the audio recordings is superb on both ends.


  • TapeACall is a voice call recorder that allows you to make and save an infinite number of recordings.
  • TapeACall makes it easy to upload phone calls to cloud storage sites like Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • TapeACall makes it simple to share recordings with friends and family by posting them to Twitter, Facebook, or any other supported platform.
  • With this mobile phone recorder, you may save a call and then convert it to MP3 format so you can listen to it later.
  • You may make it simpler to discover recordings by labelling them using the app.

7) Call Recorder For iPhone

Call Recorder For IPhone Best Call Recorder Apps For IPhone

Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS

Call Recorder For iPhone is undoubtedly one of the best-performing call-recording applications available, with various essential features such as voice memos, call recording, direct sharing, audio editing and much more.

To record calls, touch the “add call” button to begin recording immediately after accepting and merging the call.


  • Edit your recordings
  • Keep track of outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Recorded files may be shared and exported.
  • Record a voice memo.
  • Cloud storage and device.

8) Call Recorder – Recostar

Call Recorder Best Call Recorder Apps For IPhone

Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS

Recostar is one of the best call recorder apps for iPhone in 2023. When you use the Recostar recording service, your calls will be saved to the Recostar app, where you may access them at your convenience. To utilize the Recostar call recording service, dial their number and add your call to any ongoing or incoming calls.


  • Recording and sharing (subscription required)
  • One gigabyte of space in the cloud (premium feature)
  • The app that records incoming phone calls for free
  • Get into The Recostar service’s library of past recordings.
  • A phone recorder that only records incoming calls

9) Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder Best Call Recorder Apps For IPhone

Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS 13.2 or later

All your calls may be recorded at the click of a button with Automatic Call Recorder’s user-friendly interface. This top-rated iPhone call recorder app guarantees high-quality recordings.


  • Categorize recordings to facilitate retrieval
  • This voice call recorder software lets you modify recordings on your device.
  • This mobile call recorder is fully compatible with Slack, so you can easily upload and share any recordings you make.
  • This call recorder can transcribe over 40 languages, from spoken word to text.
  • An Internet connection is not necessary to use this call recorder app.

10) Recostar Pro – Call Recording

Recostar Pro Best Call Recorder Apps For IPhone

Price: Free
Compatibility: iOS

Recostar Pro is the most incredible iPhone call recorder app in 2023. It is amongst the most user-friendly call-recording app you’ll find in the App Store.

Recostar, a phone call recording software, employs the most dependable service to provide the highest possible quality recording. All call logs are safely archived for easy playback on demand.


  • Outgoing call recorder
  • Incoming call recorder
  • Call recording sharing
  • 1 GB cloud storage for call recording
  • Call recording requires no internet connection


We all know Apple’s iPhones do not have a call recording app. However, if you want such a feature, several applications on the App Store may assist you with recording voice conversations on the iPhone. When dealing with phone calls and audio recordings, you have a wide variety of great options available.

We have listed the best call recorder apps for iPhone in 2023 in the blog. If you need to record your calls for whatever reason, try any phone call recording applications mentioned above and solve your purpose.

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