Does Steam Take Apple Pay In 2024?

Does Steam Take Apple Pay

Steam, developed by Valve Corporation, has become the leading digital marketplace for PC games. With over 30,000 games in its library, Steam offers an endless catalog of titles for players to enjoy. As mobile payment methods like Apple Pay continue gaining popularity, a common question arises – can Apple Pay be used to fund our Steam wallets?

Apple Pay allows quick, secure checkout using your iPhone or Apple Watch. It’s incredibly convenient. But does the gaming giant Steam accept Apple Pay? Let’s explore this topic together and uncover the answer.

We independently verified the various payment options available at Steam, Including Apple Pay for you. Let’s take a closer look and find out the available payment methods based on our research.


No, Steam does not accept Apple Pay

We researched this on October 10, 2023. Check Steam’s website to see if they have updated their Apple Pay policy since then.

Does Steam Accept Apple Pay?

Does Steam Accept Apple Pay

The short answer is no – Steam does not yet accept Apple Pay as a direct payment method on their platform. Steam currently offers various payment options like credit cards, PayPal, and Steam gift cards, but Apple Pay is not one of them. While Apple Pay would provide a convenient contactless payment option for iOS users, Steam has not implemented the technical integration required to enable Apple Pay on its platform.

For now, Steam is focused on supporting its existing payment methods rather than expanding to additional options like Apple Pay. But there is always potential that Steam could integrate Apple Pay in the future as mobile payments continue to evolve.

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How To Use Apple Pay With Steam?

How To Use Apple Pay With Steam

Since Apple Pay is not directly accepted on Steam, there is no way to use it seamlessly for purchases there currently. However, there are some workarounds that allow indirect use of Apple Pay to add funds to Steam. One option is to purchase Steam gift cards from retailers that accept Apple Pay, like the App Store, Amazon, or Best Buy. You can buy the gift card via Apple Pay, then redeem the code in your Steam wallet.

Another workaround is using an intermediary like PayPal – link your Apple Pay to PayPal, then checkout on Steam using your PayPal balance. While not as convenient as direct Apple Pay acceptance, these methods allow iOS users to still benefit from Apple Pay for Steam. Hopefully, native Apple Pay integration is on the horizon for a smoother user experience.

Why Apple Pay Is Not Supported On Steam?

There are a few key reasons why Steam has not yet adopted Apple Pay, despite its popularity. One is Steam’s closed ecosystem – they have their own proprietary payment system and prefer users stick to existing methods like cards or PayPal rather than integrating third-party services like Apple Pay.

Additionally, Steam’s marketplace for in-game items and currencies is complex, and Apple Pay integration could introduce risks and complications they wish to avoid. There are also technical restraints, as Steam requires a robust payment system tailored to subscriptions, in-game purchases, and multiple currencies. Significant development would be needed to customize Apple Pay to these specialized requirements.

Differing business strategies also come into play. Apple Pay is a strategic part of Apple’s ecosystem, while Steam wishes to maintain control by focusing on its own platforms and payment options.

In summary, challenges related to Steam’s ecosystem, technical needs, and business approach currently hinder Apple Pay adoption. However, as consumer payment preferences continue evolving, Apple Pay integration could eventually make sense if it aligns with Steam’s future goals and direction.

Other Payment Options At Steam

While Apple Pay is not currently accepted, Steam does offer a variety of other payment methods:

Credit and Debit CardsMost major credit and debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover can be used directly on Steam. This allows users to pay conveniently right from their bank accounts.
PayPalThe popular online payment platform PayPal is integrated with Steam, allowing users to securely link their PayPal wallets to fund purchases. This keeps bank details separate.
PaysafecardThis prepaid voucher option allows users to pay without linking bank accounts, offering more anonymity. Paysafecard vouchers can be bought from retailers.
Steam WalletUsers can add funds to their Steam wallets with a variety of payment methods, then use the wallet balance to make purchases. The wallet acts as a central hub for Steam transactions.
SkrillFormerly Moneybookers, Skrill allows users to make transfers and payments using just email addresses, providing easy online payments.
CryptocurrencySteam pioneered accepting Bitcoin as payment years ago, and still allows crypto like Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash for purchases.
Steam Gift CardsBoth digital and physical gift cards can be redeemed on Steam to add funds. They make great gifts too!


While Apple Pay has yet to be integrated as a direct payment method on Steam, there are lots of other convenient payment options available. From credit cards to PayPal to gift cards, Steam offers a variety of ways to fund your wallet and make purchases on the platform. And with the continuing evolution of mobile payments, hopefully Apple Pay support will come in the future for an even more seamless user experience. Until then, iOS users have some workarounds to indirectly use Apple Pay for Steam purchases.

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