Does Golden Chick Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Options!

Does Golden Chick Take Apple Pay Know Payment Options

Golden Chick is a popular fast food fried chicken chain with locations across the Southern United States. With Apple Pay gaining widespread adoption for contactless payments, many Golden Chick customers wonder if they can use this mobile wallet to pay for their hand-breaded chicken and signature sides.
Let’s dive in to find out if you can use Apple Pay at Golden Chick.


No, Apple Pay is not accepted as a payment method at any Golden Chick locations.

We confirmed this during a visit to the Golden Chick at Robert B Cullum Blvd, Dallas, TX. The cashier affirmed that tapping to pay with iPhone, Apple Watch or other Apple devices is not possible at this time. Check the Golden Chick website for any future updates on Apple Pay acceptance. But as of now, our research confirms without question that Apple Pay cannot be used to pay at Golden Chick.

What Is Apple Pay And How Does It Work?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service by Apple that allows users to make contactless payments in stores, apps and websites using compatible iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac devices. Instead of swiping or inserting a physical credit or debit card at checkout, you can pay securely with a simple tap of your Apple device.

Apple Pay works by storing your card information securely on your device. It uses a technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) along with tokenization to process transactions. When you make a payment, a unique Device Account Number is transmitted instead of your actual card number, so your card details stay protected.

You can add your credit, debit, prepaid, rewards and store cards to the Wallet app on your Apple device to start using them with Apple Pay. At checkout, just hold your unlocked device near a contactless payment terminal and authenticate with Touch ID, Face ID or passcode to pay quickly and securely.

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Does Golden Chick Accept Apple Pay In-Store?

Does Golden Chick Accept Apple Pay In-Store

After research and directly contacting Golden Chick, we found that none of their locations currently accept Apple Pay for in-store or drive-thru payments. So you cannot use your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac to tap and pay at Golden Chick registers as you would at other Apple Pay stores.

Golden Chick only accepts traditional payment methods including:

  • Cash
  • Physical credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express
  • Debit cards with a magnetic strip or EMV chip
  • Printed gift cards purchased from Golden Chick restaurants or online

However, Golden Chick may consider adding Apple Pay in the future as contactless payments keep growing. It’s a good idea to check with your nearest Golden Chick or monitor their website for updates on digital payment acceptance.

Payment Options Available at Golden Chick

Payment Options Available at Golden Chick

While Apple Pay is not supported currently, Golden Chick does offer several convenient payment options:

1) Cash:

You can always pay with cash at Golden Chick by handing bills and coins to the cashier when you place your order. Cash payments are quick and widely accepted.

2) Credit Cards or Debit Cards:

If you prefer not to use cash, all major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and debit cards with EMV chips or magnetic strips are accepted at Golden Chick. Cards can be swiped or inserted chip-first into the payment terminals.

3) Gift Cards:

Purchasing and using Golden Chick gift cards is a popular way to pay, especially for frequent customers. Physical gift cards can be bought at any location or online. They make great gifts as well!

4) Mobile Wallets:

Besides Apple Pay, Golden Chick may accept other contactless payment services like Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Check their website or app for compatibility.

5) Mobile App:

The Golden Chick app allows easy ordering ahead, customized payments and earning rewards points. Download for free on the App Store or Google Play to pay directly with your linked card.

So while you can’t use Apple Pay for now, Golden Chick does try to offer versatile payment options for an easy checkout experience.

Top Alternatives to Apple Pay at Golden Chick

Top Alternatives to Apple Pay at Golden Chick

Until Golden Chick starts accepting Apple Pay, customers have several other good payment options including:

1) Pay With Credit Card – Insert or swipe your Visa, Mastercard, Amex credit card at checkout. All major credit card brands are accepted at Golden Chick. Just insert the chip or swipe to pay.

2) Pay With Debit Card – Insert or swipe your debit card with the EMV chip or magnetic stripe at checkout. Golden Chick accepts all debit card network brands including Visa and Mastercard branded debit cards.

3) Cash – Cash is always a simple non-digital payment option accepted at all locations. You can pay your exact order total with bills and coins when ordering at the counter or drive-thru. Cash payments are quick with no processing fees.

4) Gift Cards – Frequent diners can purchase convenient eGift cards to use towards orders. Gift cards can be bought online or at any location to reload your account balance. Redeem your gift card when ordering in-store or online for easy payment.

So, while Apple Pay may not work yet, Golden Chick tries to provide versatile payment modes for an easy and secure checkout.


In summary – no, Golden Chick does not currently accept Apple Pay as a payment method, based on our direct research and confirmation. This may change in future as contactless payments keep rising in popularity.

For now, Apple Pay cannot be used to tap and pay at any Golden Chick locations. But the chain does process other payment types like physical credit/debit cards, cash, and their mobile app.

Frequent Apple Pay users will have to utilize alternative payment modes at Golden Chick for the time being. But the brand does aim to offer flexible options for easy, contact-free checkout.

Check their website periodically for Apple Pay updates. And consider using Apple Pay at thousands of other major stores where it is accepted and highly convenient.


1) Does the Golden Chick app accept Apple Pay?

A) No, their app does not currently support Apple Pay.

2) What is the cheapest way to pay at Golden Chick?

A) Cash payments are the cheapest option with no processing fees.

3) Is Apple Pay safer than using my physical card?

A) Yes, Apple Pay is more secure as it uses unique device-specific numbers and tokenization.

4) Where can I check if a store accepts Apple Pay?

A) Look for the Apple Pay, contactless payment or NFC logos at checkout terminals and store entrances.

5) What information does Apple Pay share with merchants?

A) Only a unique anonymous Device Account Number is shared, not your actual card details.

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