Does Wienerschnitzel Take Apple Pay In 2024?

Does Wienerschnitzel Take Apple Pay

Wienerschnitzel takes many of us back to childhood with its famous hot dogs, chili fries, and other mouth watering fast food menu items. This convenient chain has over 300 locations across the western United States and has been satisfying cravings since 1961. As contactless payment methods like Apple Pay grow increasingly mainstream, a question arises – can we pay using our iPhones or Apple Watches at Wienerschnitzel?

Apple Pay allows quick, secure checkout right from your device. But has this iconic brand adopted this new payment technology? Let’s explore together whether Wienerschnitzel accepts Apple Pay.

We independently verified the various payment options available at Wienerschnitzel, Including Apple Pay for you. Let’s take a closer look and find out the available payment methods based on our research.


No, Wienerschnitzel no longer directly takes Apple Pay payments in its restaurants.

Here is a link to the Wienerschnitzel website to check for any updates to their Apple Pay policy since our in-person confirmation.

Does Wienerschnitzel Accept Apple Pay?

Does Wienerschnitzel Accept Apple Pay

The short answer is no – Wienerschnitzel no longer directly accepts Apple Pay for in-store purchases. Although Wienerschnitzel was once an early adopter of contactless payments including Apple Pay, they discontinued support for mobile wallets like Apple Pay back in 2020 during the pandemic over safety concerns around contactless transactions.

So for now, you cannot tap to pay with Apple Pay at Wienerschnitzel registers or drive-thrus. However, as we’ll explain shortly, there are still ways to use Apple Pay for your Wienerschnitzel orders through third-party delivery services.

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Other Payment Options At Wienerschnitzel

Other Payment Options At Wienerschnitzel

Even though Apple Pay is not directly accepted at this time, we still have plenty of payment options when visiting Wienerschnitzel. Let’s discuss the other easy ways to pay for those craveable hot dogs and fries.

1) Food Delivery Apps

Other Payment Options At Wienerschnitzel Food Delivery Apps

Wienerschnitzel partners with popular delivery apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub that accept Apple Pay. This allows us to conveniently order ahead and pay seamlessly using Apple Pay when getting Wienerschnitzel delivered. A tasty workaround!

2) Cash

Cash payments are still accepted at all Wienerschnitzel registers and drive-thrus for anonymous in-person purchases onsite.

3) Credit/Debit Cards

Major credit and debit card payments continue to be accepted at every Wienerschnitzel location. This includes all the big names like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Easy and familiar for most of us.

4) Wienerschnitzel Gift Cards

Both physical and digital Wienerschnitzel gift cards can be bought and redeemed for purchases. Great for gifting or budgeting your Wienerschnitzel runs!

5) Loyalty Programs

Sign up for loyalty programs like the Wiener Lovers’ Club to earn rewards, discounts, and codes when you check in at Wienerschnitzel. An easy way to save.

So we still have convenient options to get our Wienerschnitzel fix, even without direct Apple Pay acceptance currently. Hopefully it returns in the future for an even smoother payment experience.


In summary, even though Wienerschnitzel stopped accepting Apple Pay payments directly, workarounds exist to use Apple Pay by ordering delivery through supported apps.This still allows enjoying Wienerschnitzel’s famous hot dogs and chili fries with the convenience and security of Apple Pay. And hopefully in the future, Wienerschnitzel will consider integrating Apple Pay for an even more seamless payment experience.


1) Why did Wienerschnitzel stop taking Apple Pay?

A) They never directly accepted it. Wienerschnitzel’s decision to stop accepting Apple Pay is not publicly known. Please contact Wienerschnitzel directly for more information.

2) When might Wienerschnitzel accept Apple Pay?

A) No timeline, but hopefully they’ll adopt it someday.

3) Can I use Apple Pay for Wienerschnitzel gift cards online?

A) Yes, their website accepts Apple Pay for eGift card purchases.The acceptance of Apple Pay for Wienerschnitzel gift card purchases online is dependent on the specific policies and payment methods supported by Wienerschnitzel’s online ordering platform.

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