Does Burger King Take Apple Pay In 2024?

Does Burger King Stores Take Apple Pay

As one of the world’s largest fast-food chains, Burger King is practically synonymous with big, juicy burgers and crispy fries. With over 18,700 stores worldwide, they’ve been serving up quick bites since 1954. Nowadays, technology is changing how we pay for goods and services. Mobile wallets like Apple Pay allow for quick, secure, contactless payments with supported devices. But does this fast food innovator accept new payment tech like Apple Pay? Let’s dive in and see if America’s original Home of the Whopper embraces innovative payment methods.

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Does Burger King Stores Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Burger King stores do accept Apple Pay.

Does Burger King Accept Apple Pay?

Burger King stores accept Apple Pay at locations across the United States. You can use Apple Pay on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or other supported Apple devices to purchase your meal at Burger King. Both in-store and in-app payments are supported.

Simply hold your device near the contactless payment terminal to pay with a quick tap. Authentication happens instantly with passcode Touch ID or Face ID. For drive-thru orders, you can also use Apple Pay by holding your device to the reader. Apple Pay provides a convenient way to skip the wallet and pay right from your Apple device.

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How To Use Apple Pay At Burger King?

How To Use Apple Pay At Burger King

Using Apple Pay at Burger King is a breeze. Once you’ve set up Apple Pay with your supported iPhone, Apple Watch or other device, here’s how to tap for your Whopper and fries:

When you’re ready to pay, double-click the side button on your iPhone or Apple Watch to bring up your Wallet. Select your card if needed, then hold your device near the contactless payment terminal. Authenticate by entering your passcode or with Touch ID, or Face ID on your phone. Wait for the transaction sound or animation to confirm payment. Then just grab your receipt and freshly made meal! For drive-thru orders, you can also hold your iPhone or Apple Watch out the window to the terminal for easy no-wallet payment.

How To Use Apple Pay At The Burger King Drive-Thru?

Luckily, Burger King has drive-thru’s at most locations, so you can use Apple Pay to purchase your meal conveniently from your car. When you pull up to the drive-thru window, double-click your iPhone or Apple Watch side button to bring up your Wallet.

Select your payment method, then hold your device near the contactless reader to pay. The cashier will guide you through the Apple Pay process. Once your payment goes through, grab your piping-hot meal, and you’re on your way! The drive-thru makes it easy to skip the wallet and pay via Apple Pay for speedy fast food pickup.

How To Use Apple Pay In The Burger King App

How To Use Apple Pay In The Burger King App

To use Apple Pay in the Burger King app, follow the steps:

  • Download the Burger King app on your iPhone.
  • Select your items and proceed to checkout.
  • Choose Apple Pay as your payment method.
  • Use Passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID on your iPhone to authenticate.
  • Wait for confirmation that your order is paid.
  • Pick up your meal or wait for delivery!

Benefits Of Paying With Apple Pay At Burger King

Paying with Apple Pay at Burger King offers useful benefits:

1) Speedy Checkout

With Apple Pay, you can skip rummaging through your wallet or purse and pay instantly. The tap-to-pay functionality significantly speeds up ordering and checkout at Burger King.

2) Enhanced Security

Your actual card details are never shared with Apple Pay. Instead, a unique transaction code is generated to keep your information private and purchases secure.

3) Contactless and Hygienic

By using contactless payments at Burger King, you avoid touching payment terminals and can maintain cleanliness. Apple Pay allows touch-free transactions for better health and safety.

4) Easy Transaction Tracking

All your Apple Pay purchases appear neatly in your Wallet app. You can quickly review your payment history, statements, and receipts anytime.

5) Accessibility

Apple Pay transactions are easily conducted from your Apple Watch or iPhone, allowing purchases right from your wrist or pocket. It’s simple and does not require physical cards.

6) Earn Rewards

When you add your Burger King Crown Card loyalty membership to Apple Pay, you can rack up rewards and redeem offers while paying conveniently.

Also, see the YouTube video guide for how to use Apple Pay below:

Overall, Apple Pay streamlines the payment process so you can get your food faster. Customers will appreciate the cutting-edge convenience when dining in or ordering ahead.

Other Payment Options At Burger King

While Apple Pay is the newest, most advanced option, Burger King does accept other common payment methods:

Other Payment Options At Burger King

1) Cash
Good old-fashioned physical currency is always an acceptable payment form. Cash will never go out of style, and Burger King accepts paper bills.

2) Physical Credit/Debit Cards
You can use your physical plastic credit and debit cards by swiping or inserting them into chip readers at Burger King. Major cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are accepted.

3) Burger King Gift Cards
Plastic gift cards can be purchased and reloaded for ongoing Burger King payments. They make great gifts and can be bought with values from $10 to $100. Gift cards never expire, so you can redeem them over time.

4) Venmo/PayPal
For easy peer-to-peer payments, Burger King takes PayPal and Venmo. You can connect these digital wallets in the Burger King app for mobile payments.

5) Other Mobile Wallets
In addition to Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are also accepted contactless payment platforms at Burger King.

With this range of payment options, Burger King aims to accommodate all customers. You can always find a convenient way to pay whether using cash, plastic, mobile or wearable.


With Apple Pay implemented at locations nationwide, Burger King demonstrates they are keeping up with the latest payment tech trends. By accepting contactless payments via iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple devices, they allow customers to ditch plastic cards and pay quickly with a simple tap. If you want the speed and convenience of Apple Pay for your quick service meals, just look for the contactless reader or enable it in the Burger King app.


1) Is it safe to use Apple Pay at Burger King?
Yes, Apple Pay is extremely secure and encrypts your actual card information during transactions.

2) Does Burger King charge fees for Apple Pay?
No, there are no extra fees to use Apple Pay versus other payment methods at Burger King.

3) Is there a transaction limit for Apple Pay at Burger King?
There is no specified limit, though large orders may require alternate payment.

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