Does Hardee’s Take Apple Pay In 2023?

Does Hardees Take Apple Pay

Hardee’s has been serving up delicious burgers, biscuits and more since 1960. This iconic fast-food chain now has over 2,000 locations across the United States. But in today’s tech-driven world, can you pay for one of Hardee’s famous Thick burgers using just your iPhone? With Apple Pay revolutionizing the way we pay for goods and services, accepting contactless payments is now crucial for major chains, so does Hardee’s take Apple Pay?

Let’s find out if Hardee’s accepts Apple Pay. We will also find out what payment options to use at Hardee’s whether dining in or zipping through the drive-thru, and we will look at what other payment options are available for burger lovers at Hardee’s.


Does Hardee’s take Apple Pay?

Yes, most of Hardee’s locations accept Apple Pay as a payment method.

How Apple Pay Works At Hardee’s?

How Apple Pay Works At Hardees

You can use Apple Pay to purchase your meal quickly and securely if a Hardee’s location has the contactless payment capability. To use Apple Pay, open your iPhone’s Wallet app or double-click the side button on your Apple Watch to bring up your cards. Select the card you want to use, then hold your device near the payment terminal when prompted. Authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID on your iPhone or double-click the Apple Watch side button. The payment will be processed right away using tokenized card details, keeping your actual information private.

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How To Use Apple Pay At The Hardee’s Drive-Thru?

Apple Pay works just as seamlessly when you order at the Hardee’s drive-thru. As you approach the window, double-click your Apple Watch side button or open your Wallet app and hover your iPhone near the contactless reader handed to you by the cashier. After authenticating with Face/Touch ID or your passcode, your food purchase will be securely completed. It’s the fastest way to get your burger fixed without fumbling for cash or physical cards.

How To Use Apple Pay On The Hardee’s App?

How To Use Apple Pay On The Hardees App

You can also utilize Apple Pay when ordering food ahead of time through the official Hardee’s app. Simply add your items to your order, proceed to checkout, and select Apple Pay. Your iPhone will prompt you to authorize the payment using Face ID or Touch ID. After doing so, your order will be paid for and prepared for quick pick up or delivery.

Benefits Of Using Apple Pay At Hardee’s

There are several benefits to using Apple Pay when grabbing a bite at Hardee’s:

  • It’s incredibly fast and convenient compared to other payment methods. Just tap and go!
  • Transactions are more secure thanks to tokenized card details and Face/Touch ID authorization.
  • You can still collect rewards points and perks from your credit card when using Apple Pay.
  • Contactless payments like Apple Pay are more hygienic than handling cash.
  • Receipts get stored directly in your Wallet app for easy organization.

Other Payment Options At Hardee’s

Other Payment Options At Hardees

While Apple Pay provides a seamless contactless payment option, Hardee’s does accept other forms of payment:

CashYou can always pay with paper bills and coins.
Physical credit/debit cardsHardee’s accepts major credit and debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
Hardee’s gift cardsPurchased gift cards work like cash at Hardee’s.
Mobile walletsGoogle Pay, Samsung Pay and other contactless wallets are options too.
Hardee’s appYou can order ahead and pay on the app with a linked card.

So, while Apple Pay delivers the most convenient experience, you have choices when dining at Hardee’s. But going contactless with Apple Pay is hard to beat for speed and simplicity.

Also, see the YouTube video guide for how to use Apple Pay below:


In summary, Apple Pay is accepted at most Hardee’s locations, allowing you to get your burger and biscuit fix with just a quick tap of your iPhone or Apple Watch. With its speed, security, and convenience, Apple Pay is an excellent payment choice for Hardee’s fans who want to save time and avoid hassle when ordering in-store, at the drive-thru, or on the app. So next time hunger strikes, don’t forget you can rely on seamless contactless payments. Apple Pay and Hardee’s – the perfect pair to satisfy your food cravings!

FAQs about Apple Pay At Hardee’s

1) Does Hardee’s charge any fees for using Apple Pay?
No, Hardee’s does not charge any additional fees for using Apple Pay. You pay the same price as with any other payment method.

2) Is Apple Pay secure to use at Hardee’s?
Yes, Apple Pay is very secure to use at Hardee’s. Each transaction generates a unique one-time code, and your actual card details are never shared with the merchant.

3) Can I earn/use rewards points when paying with Apple Pay?
Yes, you can still earn and redeem any rewards points from your credit or debit card when using Apple Pay at Hardee’s.

4) Are there any transaction limits when using Apple Pay at Hardee’s?
No, the same transaction limits applied by your bank/card issuer will apply when using Apple Pay. Hardee’s does not impose any special limits.

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