Does United Airlines Take Apple Pay in 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does United Airlines Take Apple Pay Know Payment Methods

In today’s world of cashless payments, more and more travellers are opting to use mobile wallets and contactless payments when booking flights, checking bags, and making other travel purchases. For iPhone users who want the ease of paying with just a tap or scan of their device, a common question arises – can Apple Pay be used for flights and services on United Airlines? If you’re wondering whether United accepts Apple Pay in 2024 across online bookings, airport kiosks, checked baggage, in-flight purchases, and more, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s explore how and where Apple Pay can be used when flying with United Airlines this year.


Yes, United Airlines accepts Apple Pay for booking flights, checked bags, upgrades, in-flight purchases, and more.

We researched and confirmed during a visit to Chicago O’Hare International Airport and confirmed on United’s website. However, Apple Pay availability can vary by flight, region, and other factors, so always check United’s payment policies for updates.

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Booking United Flights With Apple Pay

Booking United Flights With Apple Pay

If you’re wondering whether United Airlines accepts Apple Pay as a payment method, you’re in luck! United Airlines has fully integrated Apple Pay across its booking platforms:

1) Online At United.Com

When booking your United flight online at, you’ll be pleased to know that Apple Pay is a supported payment method. Simply choose your flights, proceed to the payment page, and select Apple Pay to complete your purchase with just a few taps.

2) Through The United App

Booking via the United app? Apple Pay is also available as a payment option here. Just open the app, select your flight, and choose Apple Pay when checking out to quickly and conveniently secure your booking on-the-go.

3) Over The Phone

Prefer a more personal booking? You can also use Apple Pay to purchase United tickets over the phone. Let the customer service agent know you’d like to pay with Apple Pay and they’ll guide you through the process.

4) At Airport Kiosks

Even if you’re booking a last-minute flight at the airport, many United kiosks now accept Apple Pay. Approach a kiosk, select your flight, then choose Apple Pay at checkout for a fast, seamless experience.

Limitations To Know

While Apple Pay is widely accepted by United, some fares, promotions, or upgrades may not qualify. Availability can also vary by country or region. Always check United’s website and ticket terms for any Apple Pay restrictions before booking.

Using Apple Pay At The Airport

Apple Pay can also be utilized at several points throughout the airport experience:

1) At Check-In/Bag Drop

Passengers can use Apple Pay on their iPhone or Apple Watch to quickly pay for checked bags, seat upgrades, and other services at United airline check-in counters and bag drops.

2) At Security Checkpoints And Gates

Apple Pay enables contactless payments for TSA Precheck at security checkpoints. You can also use it to pay for priority boarding and airport purchases near your gate.

3) In United Clubs And Lounges

Within United Clubs and Lounges, Apple Pay is accepted for food, drinks, and incidentals. Relax before your flight while easily settling your bill with Apple Pay.

4) At Food, Drink, And Shopping Locations

Various airport restaurants, coffee shops, and stores also accept Apple Pay for quick, convenient payments.

Limitations To Know

While Apple Pay is widely available, some vendors or locations may not accept it. Always check first before relying solely on mobile payments within the airport.

Using Apple Pay Onboard United Flights

Using Apple Pay Onboard United Flights

Apple Pay provides United Airlines passengers with easy mobile payments and upgrades in-flight:

1) For United’s In-Flight Purchases

Purchase snacks, drinks, headphones, and more using just your iPhone or Apple Watch. Simply hold your device near the payment terminal and authorize with Touch ID or Face ID.

2) For Upgrades And Other Services at United

Use Apple Pay to upgrade your seat or purchase Wi-Fi through United’s app or website. The payment process is quick and seamless.

3) Connecting To In-Flight WiFi

Access United’s in-flight WiFi by purchasing a pass directly from your device using Apple Pay. Stay connected throughout your journey.

Things To Know Beforehand

Before using Apple Pay in-flight, confirm your device is compatible, your cards are added to Apple Wallet, and you’ve downloaded United’s app. Also have a backup payment method available.

Apple Pay Benefits When Flying United

Apple Pay Benefits When Flying United

Using Apple Pay with United provides several advantages for travelers:

  • Earn Rewards and Points: Link your MileagePlus account to earn miles on Apple Pay purchases.
  • Use Travel Credits: Redeem United travel credits seamlessly when paying with Apple Pay.
  • Quick and Easy Checkout: With just a tap or scan, Apple Pay enables fastest payments at booking, check-in, gates, and in-flight.
  • Enhanced Security: Apple Pay uses tokenization and biometrics for secure transactions without exposing card details.
  • Access Special Offers: Receive exclusive Apple Pay promotions for discounted fares, bonus miles, and more.

Tips For Using Apple Pay on United

Tips For Using Apple Pay on United

Follow these tips for the smoothest experience using Apple Pay when flying United:

  • Charge your iPhone before heading to the airport and pack a portable charger.
  • Add your MileagePlus account to the Wallet app to earn miles.
  • Save your United boarding pass to Apple Wallet for easy access.
  • Have a backup physical payment method in case Apple Pay is unavailable.
  • Check Apple Pay acceptance at your departure and arrival airports in advance.


In summary, United Airlines widely accepts Apple Pay across its online, airport, lounge, and in-flight services. Apple Pay enables iPhone/Apple Watch users to seamlessly book, pay, upgrade, and fly United with enhanced security, rewards-earning, and convenience. However, limitations may apply in certain cases, so have a backup payment method available. Overall, Apple Pay is a great contactless payment option for United Airlines travelers looking to maximize ease and efficiency throughout their journey.


1) Does United Airlines accept Apple Pay at kiosks?

A) Yes, many United Airlines kiosks at airports now accept Apple Pay as a contactless payment method for booking and checking in for flights.

2) Can I use Apple Pay on United’s website?

A) Yes, accepts Apple Pay as an online payment option when booking flights on their website.

3) Is Apple Pay available on United’s mobile app?

A) Yes, the United Airlines mobile app has Apple Pay integrated directly into the booking and payment flows for a seamless experience.

4) Can I pay for checked bags with Apple Pay on United?

A) Yes, at airport counters and kiosks, United Airlines accepts Apple Pay for checked baggage payments and fees.

5) Does Apple Pay work for in-flight purchases on United?

A) Yes, once onboard, United Airlines accepts Apple Pay for buying food, drinks, Wi-Fi access, and other in-flight purchases.

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