Does Planet Fitness Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Options!

Does Planet Fitness Take Apple Pay Know Payment Options

With over 2200 locations across the United States, Planet Fitness has become one of the most popular and affordable gym chains for those looking for a judgment-free workout environment. Offering exceptionally low membership fees and numerous amenities, Planet Fitness aims to provide a budget-friendly yet complete fitness experience to its millions of members.

Given the variety of services and offerings at Planet Fitness gyms, members may wonder how they can pay for it all. Specifically, many want to know if they can use mobile payment methods like Apple Pay at Planet Fitness clubs and online for seamless transactions. Before you head to your local Planet Fitness for a workout, let’s take a look at what payment options are accepted, including whether Apple Pay can be used.


No, Planet Fitness do not accept Apple Pay as a payment method in-club or online.

We researched and confirmed this at the Planet Fitness at Canal St, New York, NY. Planet Fitness currently relies on more traditional payment types like credit cards, checks, and direct account transfers. Here is the link to Planet Fitness’s website to check for any Apple Pay policy changes since our visit.

Apple Pay At Planet Fitness

Apple Pay At Planet Fitness

When it comes to using Apple Pay at Planet Fitness clubs and online, there are a few key things to know:

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At Gyms

When it comes to in-person transactions at Planet Fitness gyms, Apple Pay is currently not accepted. The gym chain still relies primarily on more traditional payment types like credit cards, cash, and checks for purchases made directly at club locations. This may be partly due to the existing payment systems and infrastructure already in place at their clubs. Additionally, Planet Fitness caters to a very diverse membership base. Accommodating various payment preferences across all members could be a factor in Apple Pay not being implemented in-club yet.

Online Membership Payments

Apple Pay is also not able to be used for online membership payments and account management on the Planet Fitness website. For handling monthly fees, members can use options like credit or debit cards and bank account withdrawals when logged into their online profiles. While Apple Pay is not supported at this time, members can still conveniently access their account details, billing history, and manage their memberships online through the website.

What Digital Payment Types Does Planet Fitness Accept?

What Digital Payment Types Does Planet Fitness Accept

While Apple Pay may not be supported currently, Planet Fitness does offer other digital payment options:

Credit or Debit CardsAll major credit and debit cards accepted at Planet Fitness.
QR Codes in AppScan codes to check-in and pay in app at Planet Fitness.
PayPalAccepted for online transactions and purchases at Planet Fitness.

These alternative contactless payment types help provide convenience for members even without Apple Pay.

Other Payment Options At Planet Fitness

Other Payment Options At Planet Fitness

If you want to join Planet Fitness but don’t have Apple Pay, here are the steps to pay:

1) Open Electronic Funds Transfer

To pay your Planet Fitness membership without Apple Pay, the first step is opening an Electronic Funds Transfer from your checking account. This entails getting your full checking account number from your bank, either online, by calling, or visiting a branch. You want to be sure there are sufficient funds available in the account before joining the gym. Typically $10-$60 is needed to cover enrollment fees and first month’s dues.

2) Pay At Front Desk

The next step to activate your Planet Fitness membership is to visit a gym location in person and complete payment at the front desk. Provide the staff with your checking account number, routing number, and account balance verification. This will complete the setup process and allow the monthly membership charges to be withdrawn automatically going forward.

3) Make Monthly Payments

After the initial membership payment and Electronic Funds Transfer activation at the front desk, ongoing monthly payments are handled automatically. Each month, your Planet Fitness dues will be withdrawn directly from your linked checking account. It’s important to maintain enough funds in your account to avoid any declined payments that could suspend your membership. Making regular deposits ensures seamless monthly membership payments.


While Apple Pay would provide a fast and convenient payment option, Planet Fitness has not yet implemented support for it at their gyms or online. For now, members can utilize alternative contactless payments like QR codes in the Planet Fitness app or options like PayPal online. Based on increasing Apple Pay adoption trends, it’s possible support could come in the future. But the gym chain still currently relies heavily on checking accounts and traditional payment processing. If you want Apple Pay as a payment method at Planet Fitness, consider reaching out to customer service to politely request it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Can I use Apple Pay at Planet Fitness gyms?

A) No, currently Planet Fitness does not accept Apple Pay as a payment method at any of their gym locations. The gym chain currently relies on more traditional payment types like credit cards, checks, and direct transfers from checking accounts.

2) Does Planet Fitness accept Apple Pay for online payments?

A) No, Apple Pay is also not accepted on the Planet Fitness website for online membership payments or purchases. Instead, members can pay online using credit or debit cards, PayPal, bank withdrawals, or other non-Apple Pay options.

3) What digital payments does Planet Fitness take?

A) Planet Fitness accepts major credit cards, debit cards, QR code payments via their app, and PayPal for online transactions. These provide convenient contactless payment options for members.

4) Could Apple Pay come to Planet Fitness in the future?

A) Yes, it’s possible Apple Pay could be adopted by Planet Fitness in the future as it continues to grow in popularity and use among consumers.

5) How can I pay Planet Fitness without Apple Pay?

A) You can pay your Planet Fitness membership without Apple Pay by using methods like saved cards on file, physical cards, mobile app QR codes, online payments through your account, and checking account transfers.

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