Does Goodwill Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does Goodwill Take Apple Pay

Goodwill Stores is one of the largest and most well-known nonprofit thrift store chains in the world. It has over 3,300 retail locations across the United States and Canada that provide bargains on donated clothing, furniture, electronics, and more to treasure-hunting shoppers. But can savvy iPhone users tap into mobile payment convenience when shopping Goodwill’s aisles? Goodwill might sell Apple products, but does Goodwill take Apple Pay?

With mobile wallets like Apple Pay leading the payment technology revolution, more retailers are adopting tap-to-pay for faster, more secure transactions. But has Goodwill taken the contactless plunge? Let’s dig in.


Does Goodwill Take Apple Pay?

Yes, Goodwill accepts Apple Pay at all store locations nationwide.

Does Goodwill Accept Apple Pay?

Does Goodwill Accept Apple Pay
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Goodwill stores across the United States and Canada accept Apple Pay. Goodwill recognizes that contactless payments like Apple Pay provide customers with speed, convenience, and security. To use Apple Pay, simply hold your iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple device near the point-of-sale terminal and authenticate with Touch ID or Face ID. Your Goodwill purchase will be completed quickly and securely using your mobile wallet.

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How To Use Apple Pay At Goodwill Stores

Using Apple Pay at Goodwill checkout counters is a breeze:

With iPhone

How To Use Apple Pay At Goodwill Stores With iPhone

To use Apple Pay on your iPhone at Goodwill, first, double-click the side button to bring up your Wallet. Then, hold the phone near the contactless reader at checkout and authorize the payment using Face ID. Keep the iPhone near the reader until the transaction is completed.

Also, see the YouTube video guide for how to use Apple Pay using iPhone below:

With Apple Watch

How To Use Apple Pay At Goodwill Stores With Apple Watch

To checkout with Apple Pay using your Apple Watch, double-click the side button on your watch to activate it for payments. Hold your wrist with the watch directly over the payment terminal’s contactless reader until you feel a subtle vibration and hear a beep. This indicates your Goodwill purchase with Apple Pay on your Apple Watch has gone through.

That’s all it takes! Apple Pay will transfer your payment wirelessly using encrypted tokens.

Also, see the YouTube video guide for how to use Apple Pay using Apple Watch below:

Benefits Of Paying With Apple Pay At Goodwill

Tap-to-pay Apple Pay provides advantages like:

Quick, seamless checkout – Just tap and go without fumbling for cards or cash. With Apple Pay, there is no need to carry and dig through your physical wallet during checkout. A quick double click and tap of your iPhone allows swift completion of payment.

Added security – Your real card details are never exposed to Goodwill’s systems. Apple Pay tokenizes your actual card information, so it is never shared with the merchant. This added layer of encryption provides protection against potential fraud or unauthorized access.

Contactless and hygienic – Avoid touching high-use pin pads while checking out. The tap-to-pay functionality allows you to checkout without touching screens, keypads, or exchanging cash. This makes Apple Pay a clean and sanitary payment method.

Easy to track spending – Apple Pay purchase history is stored in your Wallet app. All your Apple Pay transactions are conveniently stored for easy reference in your Wallet. This allows straightforward spending tracking and management.

Other Payment Options At Goodwill Stores.

While Apple Pay is the top contactless choice, Goodwill also accepts:


Goodwill stores take paper currency and coins if preferred. If you want to pay with physical money, you can use cash for purchases at Goodwill. Both paper bills and coins are accepted as payment.

Physical cards

Major debit or credit cards can be inserted or swiped at checkout. You have the option to pay with your physical credit or debit card by either swiping or inserting your card into the point-of-sale terminal.

Google Pay and Samsung Pay

Other digital wallets like Samsung and Google Pay work, too. In addition to Apple Pay, Goodwill accepts contactless payments like Google Pay and Samsung Pay from compatible mobile devices.

Gift cards

Purchased Goodwill gift cards provide preset spending amounts. If you have a Goodwill gift card with a dollar amount balance, you can use it to pay for your purchases up to the gift card’s value.

The Bottom Line

With widespread implementation across locations, Apple Pay provides Goodwill shoppers with a frictionless checkout experience. The contactless payment method allows you to tap and go at Goodwill stores for faster transactions.

Give Apple Pay a try next time you hunt for second-hand treasures to skip cumbersome cash, cards, and long checkout lines. Take advantage of the speed and convenience during your treasure hunts in Goodwill’s aisles. And know that your purchases also go towards supporting the organization’s mission of employment programs for individuals in need.


1) Is using Apple Pay safe at Goodwill Stores?

A) Yes, Apple Pay is highly secure for payments at Goodwill. Tokenization keeps your actual payment details private.

2) Does Goodwill charge extra fees for Apple Pay?

A) No, Goodwill does not charge any additional fees versus other payment methods.

3) Are there any Apple Pay transaction limits at Goodwill?

A) There are no set limits. Maximums would be tied to your specific credit card provider.

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