Does Uber Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does Uber Take Apple Pay Know Payment Methods

Uber is an on-demand transportation company that allows users to digitally book and pay for rides through a smartphone app. Founded in 2009, Uber has grown to become a transportation leader in over 70 countries globally.

With contactless payments like Apple Pay becoming so popular, many frequent Uber users are curious if apple pay is an option within the Uber app for faster checkout. Let’s take a closer look and explore the payment options at Uber rides based on our in-depth research.


Yes, Uber has fully integrated Apple Pay support so you can conveniently pay for rides and food delivery right from your iPhone or Apple Watch.

We researched and confirmed that Apple Pay works for payments in the Uber app. Here’s the Uber website link so you can check their latest Apple Pay support in case policies have evolved since we last verified.

How Uber Grew Into One of the World’s Largest Tech-Enabled Transport Services

How Uber Grew Into One of the World's Largest Tech-Enabled Transport Services

The origins of Uber trace back to 2009 when co-founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp first conceived the idea for an on-demand ride-booking app in San Francisco. In 2010, the company officially launched its first service, UberCab, which enabled users to digitally hail rides from professional black car drivers through the app. The app removed the hassle of reservations and payments by integrating everything digitally.

Uber expanded rapidly to new cities across the US and internationally. Additional services were added like UberX rides in personal vehicles and UberEATS food delivery. Uber implemented surge pricing during high demand, added ridesharing options like UberPOOL, and acquired competitors like Postmates.

Today, Uber provides over 19 million trips daily across 10,000+ cities globally. The Uber app offers ridesharing, vehicle rentals, delivery, helicopter bookings, and more. Uber went public in 2019 at a $75 billion valuation and continues leading the rideshare industry it pioneered.

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Does Uber Accept Apple Pay In-App and Online?

Does Uber Accept Apple Pay In-App and Online

Does Uber Accept Apple Pay In-App: Yes, Uber has fully integrated Apple Pay into its iOS and Android apps for easy mobile payments. Simply select Apple Pay as your payment method and scan your face or fingerprint to complete Uber ride transactions.

Does Uber Accept Apple Pay Online: Uber’s website also supports Apple Pay for ride reservations and payments when accessing Uber from a browser. Look for the Apple Pay checkout button.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay for Uber Rides and Delivery

When you use Apple Pay with Uber, you can still take full advantage of earning points and benefits through Uber’s loyalty programs like Uber Rewards. Each Uber ride order will continue accumulating rewards towards free trips and account upgrades. So, tapping to pay provides all the usual Uber loyalty perks, plus faster checkout. Overall, Apple Pay retains your ability to rack up Uber rewards and discounts.

Other Payment Options Available at Uber

Other Payment Options Available at Uber

Although Apple Pay provides a convenient contactless payment method, Uber still accepts various other flexible payment forms as well:

Credit & Debit CardsMajor debit & credit card networks including Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are widely accepted at Uber.
Uber CashAdd funds to Uber Cash for easy self-payments without needing a linked card. Can be used across Uber’s services.
Gift CardsPhysical or digital Uber gift cards make ideal gifts for ride credits. They provide a convenient self-payment method as well.
VenmoPayPal’s Venmo app can be linked for payment in the Uber app. Especially useful for splitting payments with friends.
PayPalCustomers can link their PayPal account to pay from their PayPal balance or linked cards.

Apple Pay Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks for Uber Users

Ensure your iOS device and Uber app are updated to the latest versions that support Apple Pay. Older versions may not have Apple Pay activated. Add at least one valid credit, debit, or prepaid card to your Apple Wallet to enable Uber payments.

If Apple Pay fails, try toggling between Uber payment methods or simply re-adding your card. You can contact Uber support through the app if Apple Pay payment issues persist for troubleshooting assistance. To split a fare using Apple Pay, make sure your friend also has Apple Pay set up on their device.

Bottom Line

In summary, yes Uber fully accepts Apple Pay within its iOS and apps as well as on its website, providing riders with easy and secure contactless payments. Along with Apple Pay convenience, Uber maintains flexible traditional payment options like cards and PayPal. No matter which payment method you choose, Uber aims to simplify finishing rides and orders using only your smartphone or tablet!


1) Can I use Apple Pay for Uber if my phone has no cellular service or internet connection?
No, Apple Pay requires an internet connection on your device to process transactions securely. Without cellular data or WiFi, you won’t be able to use Apple Pay for Uber.

2) Is there a way to adjust the Uber tip amount after paying with Apple Pay?
Yes, you can adjust or add a tip up to 30 days after an Uber ride in the app, even if you originally paid with Apple Pay. Just go to your Uber trip history.

3) Do I have to authenticate every single Uber transaction with Face ID when using Apple Pay?
No, Face ID authentication may remain valid for multiple Uber transactions over a period before requiring re-verification. This makes Apple Pay even more convenient.

4) Can I scan virtual Uber gift cards in my Apple Wallet to use them with Apple Pay?
Yes! You can add both physical and digital Uber gift cards to Apple Wallet via barcodes and use them to pay with Apple Pay.

5) If my friend and I share an Uber ride, can we split the fare using Apple Pay?
Yes, Uber’s fare splitting feature works seamlessly with Apple Pay, allowing you to easily divide up the total and pay your portion.

6) Will my Uber Rewards membership work if I only use Apple Pay instead of a saved card?
Definitely! Paying with Apple Pay will still earn you points and rewards through programs like Uber Rewards just like any other payment method.

7) Is Apple Pay accepted by Uber in smaller cities and rural areas too?
Apple Pay works with the Uber app across their entire coverage area, so it can be used for rides in small towns and rural regions too.

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