Does Casey’s Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does Casey’s Take Apple Pay In Know Payment Methods!

Convenience stores like Casey’s are a popular stop for grabbing snacks, drinks, gas, and more on-the-go. With contactless payment options becoming more widespread, you may wonder if you can use Apple Pay at Casey’s for quick, secure checkout.

Apple Pay is a mobile wallet that allows you to pay using your Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad or Mac. It’s an easy, secure and private way to pay both online and in-store using NFC technology. Apple Pay digitizes and encrypts your debit cards or credit cards in the Wallet app, so you don’t have to carry physical cards or cash. Let’s explore if Casey’s takes Apple Pay for convenient contactless payments.


Yes, our research indicates that Casey’s convenience stores do accept Apple Pay.

We researched and confirmed this at the Casey’s at Miller St, New York Mills, MN, USA. The cashier confirmed that Apple Pay is enabled at checkout registers across all Casey’s stores. You can also find their Apple Pay acceptance policy on the official Casey’s website.

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How To Use Apple Pay At Casey’s

How To Use Apple Pay At Casey’s

Now that Casey’s accepts Apple Pay, you can easily pay for your items without reaching for your wallet. Here’s how to use Apple Pay at Casey’s:

1) In-Store

To use Apple Pay in-store at Casey’s, simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader at checkout. A subtle vibration and beep will confirm the payment is processing. Then authenticate with Touch ID, your Passcode or Face ID. Your purchase is complete without having to pull out your physical credit or debit card.

2) At The Pump

You can also use Apple Pay right at the pump when fueling up at Casey’s. After inserting your pump and selecting grade, hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader. Authenticate with Touch ID, your Passcode or Face ID to complete the payment. The payment will be processed quickly without having to insert a card or enter a zip code.

3) Online Payments

When checking out on the Casey’s website or in their mobile app, simply choose Apple Pay as your payment method. On iPhone, authenticate with Face ID. On iPad, double click the side button to complete the payment with Apple Pay.

Apple Pay Benefits

Using Apple Pay provides several benefits over paying with physical cards:

Private – Your privacy is maintained because Apple Pay does not store any transaction information that can be connected back to you personally. This means your purchasing history and habits stay completely private.

More Secure – Apple Pay is very secure because every transaction uses a unique one-time dynamic security code. This code must be authenticated with your Touch ID , device passcode or Face ID. Your actual credit or debit card number is never shared with the merchant.

Convenient – Apple Pay offers great convenience, as there is no need to carry around your physical cards or cash to make payments. You can quickly and easily pay using just your Apple Watch, iPhone or other Apple device.

Contactless – With Apple Pay’s contactless payment capability, you can check out without touching terminals or exchanging cash and cards.

Other Payment Options At Casey’s

Payment Options At Casey’s

If you don’t have Apple Pay set up, Casey’s still accepts various payment methods:

Credit Or Debit CardsCasey’s accepts all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. You can pay by swiping or inserting your card and signing the receipt or entering your PIN.
Casey’s Gift CardsCustomers can purchase Casey’s gift cards at any location or online to redeem for purchases. Casey’s offers gift cards in various convenient denominations.
Mobile WalletsIn addition to Apple Pay, you can pay using other mobile wallets like Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Simply add your cards and tap your mobile device at checkout.
CashFor maximum flexibility, cash payments are still accepted at all Casey’s locations. This allows customers without cards or mobile wallets to still easily pay.

Is Apple Pay Secure And Private?

As you consider using Apple Pay for purchases, you may wonder just how secure and private it is compared to paying with your physical wallet. Here’s an overview of Apple Pay’s safety features:

  • Your actual debit card or credit card number is never stored on your device or shared with Casey’s. Instead, a unique Device Account Number is assigned, encrypted and securely stored.
  • Each transaction uses a one-time dynamic security code that’s required along with authentication through Touch ID, your passcode or Face ID. This means your card details stay safe.
  • Apple Pay ensures privacy because it does not save or link any details about your transactions that could be traced back to you personally. This keeps your entire purchase history confidential.
  • You get to choose which card to use for each transaction, allowing you to easily separate personal and business expenses.

With end-to-end encryption, one-time codes, and biometric authentication required for every transaction, Apple Pay is designed to be an extremely secure payment method while also maintaining your privacy.


In summary, Casey’s does accept Apple Pay, providing an easy and secure way to checkout using your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. Apple Pay simplifies the payment process while enhancing security through encrypted cards, unique one-time codes and authentication. Casey’s supports Apple Pay both in-store and at the pumps for maximum convenience. So next time you’re in need of snacks, drinks or gas on-the-go, tap your device for quicker, safer checkout with Apple Pay. Just look for the Apple Pay logo to ensure your Casey’s location accepts it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1) Does Apple Pay work at all Casey’s locations?

Yes, Apple Pay is now accepted at all Casey’s convenience store and gas station locations across the United States.

2) Can I use Apple Pay at the gas pump?

Yes, you can pay for your gas at the pump using Apple Pay at supported Casey’s stations. Simply hold your iPhone near the reader.

3) Is Apple Pay safer than using my physical card?

Yes. Apple Pay does not provide your actual credit card number to merchants. Each transaction has a unique security code and requires authentication with Face or Touch ID for added security.

4) What if my Casey’s doesn’t have an NFC terminal?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use Apple Pay if the location doesn’t have an NFC-capable payment terminal.

5) How do I add my cards to Apple Pay?

Open the Wallet app and tap the plus icon. Follow the steps to add your supported credit or debit cards that you want to use with Apple Pay.

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