Does Dillard’s Take Apple Pay In 2023?

Does Dillards Take Apple Pay

Dillard’s has built a reputation as a premier fashion retailer, offering apparel, accessories, and home furnishings at over 250 locations across 29 states. But can you use Apple Pay to purchase items at Dillard’s in 2023? This payment method is revolutionizing shopping by allowing you to tap and go using just your iPhone or Apple Watch. Let’s find out if Dillard’s accepts Apple Pay’s mobile payment option.


Does Dillard’s Take Apple Pay In 2023?

Yes, Dillard’s accepts Apple Pay in all its department stores nationwide as of 2023.

Does Dillard’s Accept Apple Pay?

Does Dillards Accept Apple Pay

Dillard’s has accepted Apple Pay as a payment method in its physical stores across the United States since 2021. This means you can use your iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple devices to make quick and easy contactless payments for your Dillard’s purchases. So, you can feel confident using Apple Pay when shopping at any Dillard’s store that has a contactless payment terminal. But you’ll have to use an alternate payment method for online purchases.

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How To Use Apple Pay At Dillard’s

How To Use Apple Pay At Dillards

Using Apple Pay at Dillard’s checkout counters is easy. When the cashier gives you your total, hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless reader. Authenticate with Touch ID or Face ID on your iPhone or double-click the side button on your Apple Watch. Just like that, your purchase is complete!

How To Use Apple Pay On The Dillard’s App?

If you prefer shopping from the comfort of home, you can also utilize Apple Pay when ordering through the Dillard’s app by following these simple steps:

  • Add items to your cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Select Apple Pay as your payment method.
  • Authenticate with Face/Touch ID on your iPhone.
  • Your order will be paid for and processed.

Benefits Of Paying with Apple Pay At Dillard’s

Benefits Of Paying with Apple Pay At Dillards

Paying with Apple Pay at Dillard’s offers many advantages that improve the shopping experience:

1) Incredibly fast and convenient – Apple Pay allows you to tap your phone or watch and go without having to pull out your physical wallet or cards. This speeds up the checkout process considerably.

2) Privacy – Your actual credit or debit card details are never shared with the merchant. Instead, a unique encrypted token is generated for each transaction to keep your information safe and private.

3) Rewards – You can still collect points, rewards, and benefits from your credit card programs when using Apple Pay. It works seamlessly with these programs.

4) Hygienic – Contactless payments are more hygienic than handling cash, which can spread germs. Apple Pay allows you to checkout without touching anything.

5) Convenience – Receipts from your Dillard’s purchases made with Apple Pay are conveniently stored right in your Apple Wallet app. This makes organizing and accessing them easy.

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Other Payment Options At Dillard’s

While Apple Pay is a great contactless option, Dillard’s does still accept other traditional payment forms:


Other Payment Options At Dillards Cash

Cash in the form of paper bills and coins remains a payment choice at Dillard’s. This can be useful if you prefer using cash or want to limit your spending.

2) Credit / Debit Cards

Other Payment Options At Dillards Credit or Debit Cards

Physical credit and debit cards from major issuers like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are also accepted. Swiping or dipping your cards works if you don’t have a mobile wallet set up.

3) Gift Cards

Dillard’s gift cards can be used like cash in their stores. They make great gifts and ensure the recipient can buy something they’ll enjoy.

4) Paypal

For online purchases through Dillard’s website, you can choose PayPal as your payment method. This links to your bank account or card.

So, while Apple Pay is the top contactless choice, you do have alternatives when shopping at Dillard’s in-store or online. But Apple Pay provides the fastest and simplest checkout experience.

Bottom Line

With widespread acceptance and a quick tap-to-pay process, Apple Pay is a secure and hassle-free way to checkout at Dillard’s. The contactless payment method allows you to swiftly complete purchases in-store without fumbling for your wallet or physical cards. Plus, your actual card details stay protected through tokenization technology.

Given the speed, convenience, and security benefits, Apple Pay is an excellent payment choice for avid Dillard’s shoppers who want to save time and avoid hassle during checkout.

So, next time you’re browsing the latest fashion and home essentials at Dillard’s, give Apple Pay a try for the fastest, easiest purchasing experience!


1) Is it safe to use Apple Pay at Dillard’s?

A) Yes, Apple Pay is very safe to use at Dillard’s. It utilizes tokenization and encryption to keep your card details private.

2) Does Dillard’s charge fees for Apple Pay?

A) No, Dillard’s does not charge any extra fees when you pay with Apple Pay. You pay the same price.

3) Is there a transaction limit for Apple Pay purchases at Dillard’s?

A) No, you can make large purchases with Apple Pay at Dillard’s. Any limits would be set by your bank/card provider.

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