Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does Popeyes Take Apple Pay Know Payment Methods

Popeyes is a popular fast food chain renowned for its mouthwatering fried chicken and cajun-inspired sides. With its delicious menu of bonafide Louisiana chicken, Popeyes has amassed a loyal following of chicken lovers since its founding in 1972.

Many customers wonder if Popeyes accepts Apple Pay. But does Popeyes take Apple Pay, and how can you use it? Let’s dive in to find out the details on using Apple Pay for payment at Popeyes.


Yes, Popeyes accepts Apple Pay at all locations across the United States.

We researched and confirmed this by visiting the Popeyes at Main St., Queens, New York and using Apple Pay for an in-store purchase. Always check the Popeyes website for the most up-to-date Apple Pay acceptance policy.

Popeyes Payment Options

Popeyes Payment Options

Popeyes accepts a variety of payment methods for orders placed in-store, online, and at the drive-thru. Here is an overview of the payment options at Popeyes:

1) In-Store Payments

If dining in or taking out from a Popeyes location, the following payment types are accepted:

  • Cash
  • Debit or Credit cards
  • Gift cards
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)
  • Contactless payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay

Popeyes has installed contactless readers at registers to allow tap-and-pay services like Apple Pay without having to insert a card or manually enter payment details. This enables faster, more convenient checkout.

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2) Online Payments

For Popeyes delivery or pickup orders placed online through their mobile app or website, customers can pay using:

  • Debit Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • PayPal
  • Gift cards

Saved payment information for expedited future checkouts. In-store pickup online orders can utilize the same payment methods available in-store. However, delivered orders must be paid with a credit or debit card online.

3) Drive-Thru Payments

At the Popeyes drive-thru, cash, physical debit or credit cards, gift cards, EBT, and mobile tap-to-pay services like Apple Pay are accepted as payment. This matches the in-store payment options.

Apple Pay Requirements

To use Apple Pay for seamless checkout at Popeyes, you need an iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple device compatible with Apple Pay, a credit, debit, or prepaid card added to your Apple Pay wallet, the latest version of iOS or watch OS installed, and a Popeyes location with a contactless payment terminal. As long as your device meets these requirements, you can use Apple Pay to buy your Popeyes favorites without the need for cards or cash.

Using Apple Pay at Popeyes

Using Apple Pay at Popeyes

Paying with Apple Pay at Popeyes restaurants and drive-thrus is quick and straightforward:

  • On your Apple Watch or iPhone, open up the Wallet app.
  • Select the credit or debit card you want to use for payment.
  • Hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the contactless payment terminal.
  • Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or your passcode.

In just seconds, your Apple Pay transaction will process after biometric or passcode confirmation. You’ll get a notification of payment success on your device.

Using Apple Pay at Popeyes Drive-Thru

Many Popeyes visitors wonder if they can utilize Apple Pay in the drive-thru. Yes, you can use Apple Pay right through your car window when picking up Popeyes orders in the drive-thru lane.

Follow the steps to checkout with Apple Pay:

  • Have your iPhone or Apple Watch ready with the Wallet app open.
  • Select your payment card.
  • Hold your device to the drive-thru window’s contactless reader.
  • Confirm with Face or Touch ID when prompted.

The employee may position the reader closer to your car for convenience. Apple Pay optimizes the Popeyes drive-thru experience.

Paying Online Orders with Apple Pay

In addition to in-store and drive-thru, Apple Pay can also be used on the Popeyes website or app when ordering delivery or pickup.

To pay a Popeyes online order using Apple Pay:

  • Choose Apple Pay as the payment method before checkout.
  • Select or add the card you want to use.
  • Verify billing, shipping, and contact details.
  • Double-check the order total.
  • Confirm Apple Pay payment using Touch ID, Face ID or passcode.

With a few quick taps, your online Popeyes order will be paid. Apple Pay enables seamless mobile order payment.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Popeyes

Benefits of Using Apple Pay at Popeyes

Opting for Apple Pay over physical payment methods comes with many perks. The tap-to-pay system allows lightning fast checkout compared to swiping or inserting cards. Your personal information stays safe as well, since Apple Pay uses encrypted tokens instead of your actual card number. You can unlock special discounts or deals that Apple Pay users get access to. Leaving your wallet behind reduces the clutter in your pockets or bag.

The contactless nature of Apple Pay increases convenience and cleanliness at checkout. Top it off with potential cash back rewards when adding your Apple Card to Apple Pay. Overall, Apple Pay streamlines the payment process with speed, security, promotions, organization benefits. Lastly, you can utilize your Apple Card with Apple Pay to receive up to 3% cash back on Popeyes purchases, earning rewards when paying with Apple Pay.

Other Mobile Payments Accepted At Popeyes

Other Mobile Payments Accepted At Popeyes

Along with Apple Pay, Popeyes also accepts:

Google PayAndroid users can pay seamlessly with Google Pay wallets.
Samsung PaySamsung phone owners have another mobile payment option.
Tap to PayPopeyes contactless terminals allow any tap-to-pay digital wallet use.

Popeyes gives patrons many secure, convenient payment choices on top of traditional cash and cards.


In summary, Popeyes accepts Apple Pay at all US restaurant locations, drive-thrus, and for online orders. This allows customers a fast, easy tap-to-pay option using an iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple device. Perks like speed, security, potential deals, and going cash/card-free make Apple Pay a great choice for paying at Popeyes. Next time you visit, don’t forget you can use Apple Pay!

FAQs about Apple Pay at Popeyes

1) Does every Popeyes location accept Apple Pay?
Yes, all company-owned Popeyes restaurants and drive-thrus in the US accept Apple Pay.

2) Can I use Apple Pay at the Popeyes drive-thru?
Yes, Apple Pay works at the Popeyes drive-thru window just like in-store checkout.

3) Do I need the Popeyes app to use Apple Pay?
No, you only need the Wallet app on your iPhone. No Popeyes app required.

4) Is paying with Apple Pay secure at Popeyes?
Yes, Apple Pay transactions are very secure. Your card details are encrypted.

5) Does Popeyes charge a fee for Apple Pay?
No, Popeyes does not charge any fees or penalties for using Apple Pay.

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