Does Buckle Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know All Payment Methods!

Does Buckle Take Apple Pay

Buckle is a popular fashion and lifestyle retailer that has been around since 1948. Originally a men’s clothing store in Kearney, Nebraska called Mills Clothing, Buckle has grown into a destination for casual apparel, footwear and accessories for men, women, and children. With over 450 stores across 42 states, Buckle has become a go-to brand for affordable and stylish clothing.

Does Buckle accept apple pay purchases? We verified the various payment options available at Buckle, Including Apple Pay for you. Let’s explore whether Buckle takes Apple Pay and what other flexible payment options you have when shopping there.


Yes, Buckle accepts Apple Pay at most locations nationwide.

We directly researched and confirmed on November 11, 2023, that Apple Pay is accepted at the Buckle store in Brooklyn, New York for easy iPhone tap-to-pay checkout. Here’s a link to Buckle’s store to verify Apple Pay support at your nearest location, as policies can change.

How Buckle Keeps Its Competitive Edge in the Fashion World?

How Buckle Keeps Its Competitive Edge in the Fashion World

Buckle is a fashion and lifestyle brand that has been around for over 70 years. Founded in 1948 as a men’s clothing store called Mills Clothing in Kearney, Nebraska, it was renamed Brass Buckle in the 1960s as the store shifted to more casual clothing like jeans and shirts. The company changed its name to The Buckle in 1991 as it began opening mall-based locations and launched its private label BKE.

Today, Buckle has over 450 retail stores across 42 states, as well as an ecommerce website. The company is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker BKE. Buckle is known for its wide selection of jeans, tops, dresses, swimwear, footwear and accessories for men, women and children. Both branded merchandise and its own private labels like BKE and Buckle Black fill its stores and website. With great everyday prices on trendy casual fashion, it’s no wonder Buckle has remained popular for over 70 years.

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Does Buckle Accept Apple Pay In Store, Online and In App?

Does Buckle Accept Apple Pay In Store Online and In App

Yes, Buckle does accept Apple Pay in its retail stores nationwide, making it easy to checkout by scanning your face or fingerprint. To use it in-store, simply tap your iPhone or Apple Watch at checkout terminals when prompted for payment. Buckle also accepts Apple Pay within its iOS shopping app, allowing you to breeze through checkout on your iPhone or iPad without constantly re-entering card details.

However, Buckle does not currently offer Apple Pay as a payment option on its website for desktop online purchases. You can only use Apple Pay for in-person transactions at Buckle retail locations, or within Buckle’s iOS mobile app itself. But being able to tap and pay within Buckle’s app still provides a very convenient checkout experience.

The Benefits of Paying With Apple Pay at Buckle

The Benefits of Paying With Apple Pay at Buckle

Using Apple Pay at Buckle stores and on their app provides several nice benefits. For one, Apple Pay is incredibly secure, encrypting your actual card details so each transaction stays private. You don’t have to worry about your Buckle purchases being compromised. Apple Pay also enables super fast, hassle-free checkout that takes just seconds compared to fumbling for cards and manually inputting card numbers.

Paying with Apple Pay at Buckle works seamlessly across your iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple devices. So, your in-store and in-app experiences connect smoothly. Another perk is you can conveniently change the card associated with Buckle via your Apple Wallet anytime. And when using Apple Pay, you still earn all your usual credit card rewards, cash back, etc on Buckle purchases. Overall, Apple Pay integration provides Buckle shoppers with security, speed, convenience, flexibility and rewards retention – making it a great hands-free payment option.

Tips for Smooth Buckle – Apple Pay Experience

To ensure Apple Pay works perfectly when shopping at Buckle:

  • Make sure you’ve updated to the latest version of Buckle’s app that supports Apple Pay integration. Older versions may not have tap-to-pay activated.
  • Have a stable internet connection when setting up Apple Pay or paying in Buckle’s app. Dropped connections can disrupt the checkout process.
  • Check that your chosen card has an available balance or limit before tapping to pay. This avoids potentially awkward declined payments at the register.
  • If any Apple Pay issues pop up, contact Buckle’s support for quick troubleshooting assistance. They can help get you tapping and paying in no time.

Other Payment Options at Buckle

Even with Apple Pay accepted, Buckle still provides shoppers with various other flexible payment methods:

Other Payment Options at Buckle

1) Credit and Debit Cards: Buckle accepts all the top credit and debit card brands including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. This gives you plenty of options to pay with your preferred card type. Major credit cards also allow customers to finance large Buckle purchases over time through the card issuer if needed. Debit cards can tap into these same major payment networks for seamless Buckle checkout as well.

2) Digital Wallets: Buckle also accepts other popular digital wallets like Google Pay and Samsung Pay. These allow you to store your credit or debit cards in a digital app for easy access at checkout. Simply selecting your digital wallet during payment will activate it instantly. Digital wallets are growing in popularity for their convenience and ease of use.

3) Buckle Gift Cards: Both physical Buckle gift cards sold in-store and online, as well as eGift cards, can be used for seamless checkout. Gift cards let you prepay your Buckle balance for future use or give the perfect fashion gift. When it’s time to pay, just provide your gift card number online or give to the cashier. Any remaining balance stays on your gift card for simple shopping.

4) Buckle Credit Account: Applying and getting approved for a Buckle Credit Account unlocks special financing offers. New cardholders get 15% off their purchase after approval. Plus, you earn rewards on purchases that can be redeemed for Buckle gift cards. Ongoing cardholders enjoy special bonuses and discounts. Financing makes large Buckle purchases more affordable over time.

5) Afterpay: Buckle also lets you pay in instalments over 6 weeks for online and in-store purchases through Afterpay. This helpful “buy now, pay later” service charges no interest – you just pay 25% of the total at checkout, then 25% every 2 weeks. Afterpay allows you to responsibly budget for Buckle purchases over time.


In summary, tapping to pay with Apple Pay provides Buckle shoppers with secure, seamless checkout that’s perfect for your iPhone and Apple Watch. While Apple Pay isn’t offered on Buckle’s website yet, you can use it in all Buckle retail stores, as well as in their handy iOS app. And Buckle still provides alternative payment methods like major cards, digital wallets, gift cards and financing programs. However, you want to pay, Buckle has you covered with convenient options for a smooth checkout experience. Let’s start shopping!


1) Is It Safe to Use Apple Pay at Buckle?

A) Yes, using Apple Pay at Buckle is very safe. Every transaction is encrypted, and your actual card details are never shared with the store. Buckle also cannot store your card information through Apple Pay, so your info stays secure.

2) Do Buckle Charge Fees When Using Apple Pay?

A) No, Buckle does not charge any extra fees for using Apple Pay versus other payment methods. You’ll pay the same price you normally would.

3) Does Buckle Have a Limit for Apple Pay?

A) There is no set transaction limit imposed specifically on Apple Pay by Buckle. Normal credit card limits still apply based on your bank and card type when using Apple Pay.

4) Does Apple Pay Work at Every Buckle Location?

A) Apple Pay is accepted at most Buckle stores nationwide, but some locations may not support it yet. Check Buckle’s store locator to confirm Apple Pay acceptance at your nearest Buckle.

5) Can I Add Multiple Cards to Apple Pay for Buckle?

A) Yes, you can add several cards to your Apple Wallet. But only one card can be active on your Buckle account for Apple Pay purchases at a time. You can easily swap between cards in your Wallet app though.

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