Does Papa John’s Take Apple Pay In 2023? Know Payment Methods!

Does Papa John's Take Apple Pay Know Payment Methods

Papa John’s is one of the largest pizza delivery and carryout chains, with over 5,000 locations globally. Papa John’s built its reputation on quality ingredients and fresh pizza served up through delivery, carryout, and dine-in.

Are you looking whether Papa John’s accepts convenient options like Apple Pay. Let’s explore what flexible payment options are available for easy, seamless checkout on your next Papa John’s pizza run based on our findings.


Yes, Papa John’s now accepts Apple Pay directly for in-store, drive thru, and app purchases.

We researched and confirmed Apple Pay support in the Papa John’s app, in addition to in-store and drive thru at the Papa John’s location at National Street, New York City. Here’s a link to their website to verify Papa John’s latest Apple Pay acceptance policy.

The Papa John’s Story: From Local Pizzeria to Global Brand

The Papa John's Story From Local Pizzeria to Global Brand

Papa John’s origins trace back to its first pizzeria opened in 1984 in Jeffersonville, Indiana. The goal was simple – create a pizza with fresh, natural ingredients superior to major pizza chains.

This commitment to quality quickly caught on. Through smart franchising and positive word-of-mouth, Papa John’s expanded rapidly. By 1996, it had over 1,500 locations, becoming the fastest growing pizza chain in America. Papa John’s continued expanding into the 3rd largest pizza brand behind Pizza Hut and Domino’s with over 5,000 restaurants globally today.

Although delivery and takeout remain core to Papa John’s business, dine-in is also offered. Papa John’s pizzas, garlic knots, wings and desserts keep fans coming back thanks to careful ingredient sourcing and attention to detail from the beginning.

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Does Papa John’s Accept Apple Pay In-Store, Drive Thru and In-App?

Does Papa John's Accept Apple Pay In-Store Drive Thru and In-App

Does Papa John’s Accept Apple Pay In-Store: Yes, Papa John’s now accepts Apple Pay for in-person payments at restaurant locations nationwide. You can conveniently tap to pay from your iPhone when checking out inside.

Does Papa John’s Accept Apple Pay Drive Thru: Yes, Papa John’s drive thrus are also now Apple Pay enabled. You can easily scan your iPhone to pay at pickup windows.

Does Papa John’s Accept Apple Pay In-App: Additionally, you can use Apple Pay within the official Papa John’s app for mobile order checkout and payment. To use it, select Apple Pay at checkout in the app and authenticate with Face/Touch ID.

Benefits of Apple Pay at Papa John’s

Apple Pay can help you maximize the benefits of Papa John’s loyalty program. When you tap to pay with your iPhone, each transaction still earns Papa Reward points that accumulate towards free pizzas and discounts. So you’ll keep racking up those rewards at the same rate, in addition to the speedy checkout Apple Pay provides. Whether scanning your device at the counter or drive thru, or selecting Apple Pay in the app, you can seamlessly earn rewards while enjoying smoother mobile payments. Overall, Apple Pay integrates nicely with Papa Rewards to optimize your earnings and convenience when getting your pizza fix at Papa John’s.

Other Flexible Payment Options at Papa John’s

Other Flexible Payment Options at Papa John's

In addition to Apple Pay, Papa John’s provides guests with several convenient payment alternatives including:

Credit CardsAmex, Discover, Mastercard, Visa cards are widely accepted to align with what customers already carry.
Debit CardsMajor debit card brands like Visa and Mastercard pull funds directly from bank accounts.
Papa John’s gift cardsBoth physical and eGift cards make great gifts or self-payments. Easily apply gift card balances to your order.
CashPapa John’s still accept cash. While not as fast as Apple Pay, cash is still handy.
Papa John’s appRegister your cards on the app for easy mobile order-ahead payment and rewards earning.
Mobile walletsGoogle Pay, Samsung Pay, etc cater to Android users who want contactless payment.
Loyalty programPapa Rewards members can earn points towards free pizzas and discounts.


In summary, Papa John’s now widely accepts Apple Pay for a convenient checkout experience across restaurant locations, drive thrus, and their iOS app. While continuing to offer options like major cards and cash, Apple Pay integration enables iPhone users to tap and go when picking up Papa John’s pizza. Given its benefits and seamless use, be sure to give Apple Pay a try for easy mobile payment on your next Papa John’s order.


1) Does Apple Pay work at every Papa John’s location?

A) Apple Pay is enabled chainwide at all Papa John’s in-store and drive thru locations in the United States.

2) Can I still earn Papa Rewards points when using Apple Pay?

A) Yes, you earn points on Apple Pay purchases just like using your physical rewards card.

3) Is Apple Pay faster than using my plastic card?

A) Apple Pay is much faster, taking only seconds versus the minutes it takes to pull out your wallet and insert or swipe your card.

4) Do I need to unlock my iPhone to use Apple Pay at Papa John’s?

A) No, with Face ID iPhones you can simply hold near the terminal without unlocking or opening the app.

5) Does Apple Pay work for both carryout and delivery orders?

A) Yes, Apple Pay can be used to conveniently pay for either carryout or delivery orders placed online or in the app.

6) Can I store multiple cards on Apple Pay to use at Papa John’s?

A) You can add several credit/debit cards to Apple Pay and easily switch between them for Papa John’s payments.

7) Is Apple Pay more secure than my physical card?

A) Yes, Apple Pay doesn’t share your actual card number, making your account details more secure and private.

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