Does Holiday Gas Station Take Apple Pay In 2024?

Does Holiday Gas Station Take Apple Pay

Holiday Gas Station is one of the largest gas station chains in the United States, with over 5,000 locations nationwide. Known for their competitive fuel prices and convenience stores, Holiday Gas Station aims to make fuelling up fast and affordable. As mobile payment adoption grows, contactless services like Apple Pay provide a seamless way to pay at the pump. We’ll explore whether you can use your iPhone or Apple Watch to tap and pay for gas at Holiday Gas Station.

We independently verified the various payment options available at Holiday Gas Station, Including Apple Pay for you. Let’s take a closer look and find out the available payment methods based on our research.


Yes, our research confirms that Holiday Gas Station accepts Apple Pay at most of their locations across the country.

We directly verified for you that Apple Pay was accepted as of October 30, 2023 at Holiday Gas Station stations in Newberry, MI. Check their website for any Apple Pay policy updates since our last confirmation.

Does Holiday Gas Station Accept Apple Pay In-Store, At The Pump, And In-App?

Does Holiday Gas Station Accept Apple Pay In-Store At The Pump And In-App

Holiday Gas Station has enabled Apple Pay in a variety of ways across many of their convenience store and gas station locations nationwide.


When checking out at the register inside Holiday Gas Station convenience stores, be on the lookout for the contactless payment or Apple Pay symbols. If you see these logos, you can tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the reader to pay for your items without even needing to take out your wallet. The payment will process quickly and securely using your default card.

At the Pump:

Does Holiday Gas Station Accept Apple Pay At the Pump

At Holiday Gas Station pumps equipped with NFC readers, which will have the contactless logo displayed, you can also tap to pay for your gas right from your vehicle. Simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the reader on the pump, authorize with Face ID or Touch ID, and your Apple Pay default card will be charged for the fuel purchase. It’s a fast and easy way to pay at the pump.

Mobile App:

The Holiday Gas Station app for iPhone includes the option to pay with Apple Pay when ordering ahead for gas pump activation or in-store pickup. Since your card details are stored, checking out in the app is a breeze. Just select Apple Pay and your default card will appear to authorize the mobile payment.

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The Benefits Of Paying With Apple Pay At Holiday Gas Station

The Benefits Of Paying With Apple Pay At Holiday Gas Station
  • Speed – Apple Pay allows Holiday Gas Station customers to pay for gas, snacks, and more in just seconds. The tap to pay method is much faster than swiping or inserting a card. No more fumbling at the pump!
  • Security – With Apple Pay, your actual credit or debit card number isn’t shared with the retailer. Instead, a unique encrypted token is generated to protect your information and prevent fraud.
  • Rewards – If you use a rewards credit card via Apple Pay at Holiday Gas Station, you can still rake in points, airline miles, or cash back benefits.
  • Convenience – Forget carrying all your cards around. Add them to Apple Pay and leave your wallet behind when fuelling up at Holiday Gas Station.
  • Accessibility – Apple Pay works seamlessly with iPhone accessibility features, allowing those with disabilities to easily tap to pay.

Other Payment Options At Holiday Gas Station

Other Payment Options At Holiday Gas Station

1) Credit And Debit Cards:

Holiday Gas Station accepts all major credit card brands including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover at both the pump and in-store. Simply insert or tap your physical card as you normally would.

2) Cash:

Other Payment Options At Holiday Gas Station Cash

Cash payments are accepted at registers inside the convenience stores. Outdoor pumps at some locations may also have bill validators to accept cash right at the pump for additional convenience. Always check the pump for a bill slot before trying to pay with cash outside.

3) Gift Cards:

Holiday Gas Station gift cards can be purchased at any location or online to be used for fuel, snacks, drinks, and any other items in the store. The cards do not expire, so they can make great gifts as well. Scan or swipe the gift card at checkout just like a credit card.

4) Contactless Wallet:

Other contactless wallet apps like Google Pay and Samsung Pay work very similarly to Apple Pay, allowing you to store cards and tap to pay. These options are available for non-iPhone users who want the speed and convenience of contactless payments. Just look for the appropriate app logos at the checkout.


With contactless payment adoption growing rapidly, it’s great to see chains like Holiday Gas Station enabling Apple Pay. The ability to tap and fuel up with your iPhone makes gassing up faster and more convenient. So next time you pull into a Holiday Gas Station, give Apple Pay a try for an easy and secure payment experience. No more fussing with cards at the pump! Welcome to the future of gas station transactions.


1) Is it safe to use Apple Pay at Holiday Gas Station?

A) Yes, Apple Pay is very secure for payments at Holiday Gas Station. Every transaction generates a unique code, and your card details are never shared directly.

2) Do Holiday Gas Stations charge any fees for using Apple Pay?

A) No, Holiday Gas Station does not charge any extra fees when you pay with Apple Pay. The price you pay is the same as with any other payment method.

3) What is the maximum transaction amount I can make with Apple Pay at Holiday Gas Station?

A) There is no official limit, but contactless readers at the pumps may have caps around $100-$150 per transaction. For larger fill-ups, you may need to go inside and pay at the register.

4) Does Apple Pay work at every Holiday Gas Station location?

A) Most Holiday Gas Station locations accept Apple Pay, but a small number may not yet have the contactless readers enabled. Check for Apple Pay or contactless payment logos at the pump or register.

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