Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay In 2024?

Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay

As one of the largest pharmacy chains in the United States, Walgreens offers a wide selection of health, wellness, and convenience items to meet your everyday needs. With over 9,000 store locations nationwide, Walgreens aims to make the shopping experience as easy and seamless as possible for its customers. This includes providing flexible payment options like Apple Pay to expedite the checkout process. But does Walgreens actually accept Apple Pay?

With mobile payment technology advancing rapidly, this is an important question for iPhone users who prefer cashless transactions. So does Walgreens actually enable Apple Pay in its stores? And if so, is it easy and convenient to use? Let’s take a closer look and explore whether or not you can use Apple Pay when shopping at Walgreens.

We independently verified the various payment options available at Walgreens, Including Apple Pay for you. Let’s take a closer look and find out the available payment methods based on our research.


Yes, Walgreens accepts Apple Pay at most of its stores nationwide.

We directly researched and confirmed Apple Pay is accepted on October 20, 2023, at Walgreens in New York for you. Here’s their website link to check if Walgreens has updated their Apple Pay policy since we last verified.

Does Walgreens Accept Apple Pay In-Store, Drive-Thru, and In-App?

Does Walgreens Accept Apple Pay In-Store Drive-Thru And In-App

The good news is that Walgreens accepts Apple Pay in most of its stores across the country. This includes both the main store area and the pharmacy drive thru. To use it in-store, simply open your iPhone’s Wallet app, select the card you want to pay with, double-click the side button to activate Apple Pay, and hold your phone near the contactless payment terminal. Within seconds, your purchase will be securely completed using your chosen card or linked bank account.

Walgreens also allows Apple Pay as a payment option when shopping via its mobile app. When checking out, you’ll see the “Buy with Apple Pay” button which enables one-touch payment straight from your iPhone. Just tap the button and follow the prompts to finish the transaction. So, Apple Pay provides a super-fast and convenient way to shop at Walgreens, both in-person and on-the-go through the app.

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The Benefits Of Paying With Apple Pay At Walgreens

The Benefits Of Paying With Apple Pay At Walgreens
  • Earn 3% cashback when you pay with Apple Card via Apple Pay – This is a higher percentage than what most other retailers offer for Apple Pay purchases. Walgreens provides an extra incentive to use this contactless payment method.
  • Quick and easy checkout without needing cash, cards, or an internet connection – Apple Pay allows you to skip rummaging through your wallet or purse and expedites the payment process. It works offline too.
  • Use just your iPhone or Apple Watch to complete purchases – Rather than fiddling with your physical credit card, you can pay securely with a device you already have on hand.
  • No fees and ability to earn Walgreens rewards when linked to My Walgreens account – Apple Pay doesn’t charge any transaction fees. You can also rack up loyalty points if your rewards account is connected.
  • Added security compared to using plastic cards – Apple Pay utilizes device-specific encryption and dynamic security codes for each transaction made with your linked cards. This helps reduce the risk of fraud.

Other Payment Options At Walgreens

Other Payment Options At Walgreens

While Apple Pay is arguably the most advanced payment method accepted at Walgreens, there are several other flexible options available:

1) Cash

Walgreens accepts traditional cash payments if you prefer to use paper bills and coins. This remains a widely used payment type despite the prevalence of cards and digital wallets. Cash is easy and works for all basic purchases.

2) Checks

Walgreens is one of the few major retailers that still allows customers to pay by check at checkout. This is ideal if you need to pay from your checking account but don’t have a debit card on hand. Just be sure to have your ID ready.

3) Credit and Debit Cards

Walgreens takes all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. Most debit cards are accepted as well, such as those linked to checking accounts. This makes it easy to shop on credit or pay from your bank funds.

4) Walgreens Gift Cards

Gift cards offered by the store itself can be used to pay for items. They make great gifts for Walgreens shoppers and can be purchased in preset or customized amounts.

5) PayPal

When shopping on, PayPal and PayPal Credit are accepted payment methods. These digital wallet services allow online purchases without inputting sensitive card information.

The Bottom Line

To wrap things up, Walgreens undoubtedly accepts Apple Pay and provides perks like cashback rewards for using it in-store, at the pharmacy drive-thru window, or via the Walgreens app. Given how quick, easy, and secure it is to check out with Apple Pay, we highly recommend iPhone users take advantage of this contactless payment option next time you shop at Walgreens.


1) Is It Safe to Use Apple Pay at Walgreens?

A) Yes, Apple Pay is very safe to use at Walgreens. It utilizes encrypted token technology and unique dynamic security codes to protect your card information during each transaction.

2) Do Walgreens Charge Fees When Using Apple Pay?

A) No, there are no extra fees associated with using Apple Pay as your payment method at Walgreens. It’s a free service both for the customer and for the retailer.

3) Does Walgreens Have a Limit for Apple Pay Transactions?

A) No, there is no transaction limit imposed specifically on Apple Pay purchases at Walgreens. Standard individual purchase limits dictated by your bank or credit card will apply based on the card used.

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