Does Temu Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know All Payment Methods!

Does Temu Take Apple Pay

Temu is revolutionizing online shopping with discounted prices across tons of products. This new app has quickly become popular thanks to the incredible deals it offers. With mobile payments like Apple Pay making checkout seamless, consumers expect to use tap-to-pay everywhere.

Mobile wallets like Apple Pay have transformed how we pay. A simple phone tap completes transactions instantly, reducing hassle. As contactless payments expand, Apple Pay integration is becoming standard at many retailers. But merchants have unique policies. We investigate Temu’s payment methods to verify Apple Pay acceptance for easy iPhone checkout. Stay tuned as we examine if Temu lets shoppers tap to pay.


Yes, Temu does accept Apple Pay as a payment method in their mobile app.

We directly confirmed on November 10th, 2023, that Apple Pay can be used for purchases on the Temu shopping app. Check Temu’s website to confirm their latest Apple Pay support, as policies can change.

What is Temu?

What Is Temu

Temu is a fresh new shopping app launched in 2022. It’s owned by a large multinational corporation called PDD Holdings. On Temu, you can score discounted prices on over 250 categories of stuff – clothes, kitchen items, and more!

It functions as an online marketplace, with prices generally lower than major retailers. Temu has web and mobile versions so you can shop anywhere – your smartphone, laptop, desktop, whatever!

Temu promises the best online deals, with sales and promos that beat competitors’ prices. The app became hugely popular in 2022 when people rushed to snag the bargains. Temu is 100% legit and secure, backed by PDD’s years of experience.

Does Temu Accept Apple Pay In App and Online?

Yes, Temu supports Apple Pay within their mobile app for iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. In the Temu app, during checkout you’ll see the Apple Pay option. Tapping this will allow you to authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID to quickly checkout.

Temu does not currently offer Apple Pay as a payment option on their website for desktop web purchases. You can only use Apple Pay within Temu’s iOS mobile app. Recently, Temu announced they will be rolling out Apple Pay support for web checkout on their website later this year. This will allow Apple Pay as a payment option for desktop purchases too. Overall, Apple Pay is very convenient for quickly checking out when shopping within Temu’s iOS app.

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The Benefits of Paying With Apple Pay at Temu

The Benefits of Paying With Apple Pay at Temu

Using Apple Pay at Temu offers several benefits for shoppers. For one, Apple Pay is very secure, encrypting your transactions and keeping your actual card numbers private so all your Temu purchases stay safe. Additionally, Apple Pay eliminates payment hassle, with checkout taking just seconds compared to manually entering details. Apple Pay also works great across all your Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and Macs when shopping on Temu, providing a seamless experience.

Another perk is you can conveniently switch payment cards associated with Temu anytime right in your Apple Wallet app. And you still get all your usual credit card rewards, cash back, and more when using Apple Pay at Temu, so you don’t miss out on any benefits. Overall, Apple Pay integration provides Temu shoppers with security, speed, convenience, flexibility, and rewards retention for a smoother payment experience.

Temu Apple Pay Tips and Troubleshooting

To keep Apple Pay running smoothly on Temu’s app:

  • Make sure your Temu app is updated to the latest version that supports Apple Pay.
  • Use a stable internet connection when setting up or using Apple Pay to avoid issues.
  • Check your card has an available balance or limit for those Temu buys. Let’s avoid declined payments!
  • If any setup issues or declined payments happen, contact Temu support. They can help troubleshoot right away.

Other Payment Options Accepted At Temu

Other Payment Options Accepted At Temu

Even with Apple Pay supported, Temu takes various other payment methods too for maximum options:

  • Credit and debit cards: Credit and debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover are accepted by Temu. This gives shoppers flexibility in how they can pay. Major credit card brands allow customers alternative financing options to pay for Temu purchases over time. Debit cards linked to these major networks can also be used seamlessly on the Temu app and website. Temu accepts all the top global payment card brands for maximum convenience.
  • Digital wallets: Besides Apple Pay, Temu also takes other popular digital wallets like Google Pay, PayPal, and more. These digital wallets allow shoppers to store their card information in a secure app for easy access at checkout. When paying on Temu, selecting Google Pay or PayPal will instantly activate those accounts for streamlined payment. Digital wallets are growing in popularity for their ease of use during online checkout. Temu accepts the top digital wallet services to provide additional flexible mobile payment options.
  • If you prefer linking direct to your bank account, customers can pay Temu straight from a checking or savings account. Connecting bank accounts allows direct ACH transfers to pay for Temu orders right from your available balance. Bank account payments provide money transfer straight from your funds without credit card interest or fees. Temu securely accepts linked bank accounts for direct debit payments from checking or savings.
  • Temu gift cards: Both buying and using Temu gift cards are an easy payment route to treat yourself or others! Physical or e-gift cards allow flexible amounts to be applied towards Temu orders for yourself or as gifts. Purchasing Temu gift cards lets you prepay your account balance for future shopping. Redeeming Temu gift cards lets you take advantage of gift funds towards purchases. Gift cards provide flexible hassle-free payment.
  • Cash: Temu lets you use Cash App too! The Cash App links to your available balance, debit card, or even Bitcoin wallet for payments. Selecting Cash App at Temu checkout will bring up your Cash username and have funds instantly transferred. Cash App is growing in popularity, especially with younger demographics, for its peer-to-peer money transfer abilities. Integrating with Cash App expands Temu’s payment acceptance in a modern convenient way.


In summary, yes you can use Apple Pay on Temu for easy, contactless payments through their mobile app if you have an iPhone or iPad. Give Temu’s app a try and take advantage of discounted prices using your iOS device’s tap-to-pay.

Along with Apple Pay, Temu offers cards, digital wallets, bank transfers for maximum payment flexibility. However, you want to pay, Temu has you covered with seamless options. Time to start saving – download Temu and get shopping!


1) Is it safe to use Apple Pay on Temu?
Yes, Apple Pay is very secure for Temu purchases. Your actual card details are never shared, and each transaction uses unique encryption.

2) Does Temu charge fees for using Apple Pay?
No, there are no extra fees to use Apple Pay versus other payment methods accepted by Temu.

3) Is there a limit for Apple Pay on Temu?
No set limit. Just the regular transaction limits imposed by your bank or credit card apply when using Apple Pay at Temu.

4) Can I use Apple Pay on Temu’s website?
Unfortunately, Apple Pay only works in Temu’s mobile app currently. It does not work on the website.

5) How many cards can I add to Apple Pay for Temu?
You can add multiple cards to your Apple Wallet but only one will be active on your Temu account for payments. Easy to switch your active Temu card in Wallet though!

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