Does AutoZone Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does AutoZone Take Apple Pay

AutoZone is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to auto parts and accessories in the United States. Founded in 1979, AutoZone has expanded to operating over 6,000 retail stores nationwide that stock a vast array of parts for repairing and customizing all types of automobiles. With a focus on excellent customer service and low prices, AutoZone has become many drivers’ go-to destination for everything automotive.

Apple Pay allows you to tap and checkout in seconds using just your mobile device. But does an automotive retailer like AutoZone accept this payment method? We independently verified the various payment options available at AutoZone stores, including Apple Pay acceptance, in order to provide accurate details for you. Based on our in-depth research, let’s take a closer look at what payment methods are accepted.


Yes, most AutoZone locations accept Apple Pay for quick, convenient checkout from your iPhone and Apple Watch.

We directly confirmed that Apple Pay is accepted as of November 1, 2023 at the AutoZone store in downtown Manhattan, New York for you. Here’s a link to AutoZone’s store locator to verify Apple Pay support at your nearest location, as policies may evolve.

The AutoZone Success Story: From Small Chain to Industry Leader

The AutoZone Success Story From Small Chain to Industry Leader

AutoZone’s journey to being one of the most recognized auto parts retailers started in 1979 when the first store opened in Forrest City, Arkansas. Founded by the Hyde family, AutoZone prioritized excellent customer service and affordable prices on quality auto parts right from the start. Based in Memphis, Tennessee, AutoZone rapidly expanded in the 1980s and 90s, acquiring other regional auto parts chains like Chief Auto Parts and ALLDATA.

AutoZone went on to become a Fortune 500 company publicly traded on the NYSE. At present, AutoZone has expanded to over 6,000 retail store locations spread across the United States as well as international markets like Mexico and Brazil. With a huge selection of parts, accessories, and expertise on all things automotive, it’s easy to see how AutoZone has earned its reputation as the best place for vehicle repairs and upgrades.

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Does AutoZone Accept Apple Pay In-Store, Online, and In-App?

Does AutoZone Accept Apple Pay In-Store Online and In-App

Does AutoZone Accept Apple Pay In-Store: Yes, most AutoZone locations have contactless payment terminals enabling Apple Pay. To use it in-store, simply hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the reader during checkout and authorize with Face ID or Touch ID. Apple Pay offers AutoZone customers the quickest and most hassle-free payment method when checking out at store registers.

Does AutoZone Accept Apple Pay Online: Unfortunately, AutoZone does not currently offer Apple Pay integration on their website for online purchases. You’ll need to manually enter credit/debit card details.

Does AutoZone Accept Apple Pay In-App: Similarly, AutoZone’s mobile app does not support Apple Pay at this time. However, both the website and app may gain Apple Pay functionality in the future based on its growing popularity.

The Benefits of Paying With Apple Pay at AutoZone

The Benefits of Paying With Apple Pay at AutoZone

When AutoZone customers use Apple Pay for purchases, they can take advantage of speedier checkout, enhanced security, flexibility to change payment cards, and integration with credit card rewards programs. For instance, Apple Pay transactions take mere seconds compared to searching through your wallet for cards and swiping. Apple Pay also keeps your actual credit card details private through encryption.

Within the Apple Wallet app, you can conveniently change your card associated with AutoZone anytime. And when you use your rewards credit card via Apple Pay at AutoZone, you still earn all the normal points, cashback or miles you normally would. Overall, Apple Pay provides AutoZone shoppers a smoother, more convenient, and secure payment experience.

Other Payment Options at AutoZone

While Apple Pay is a great option, AutoZone also provides alternative flexible payment methods:

Credit CardsAutoZone accepts major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover in all stores.
Debit CardsBank-issued debit cards affiliated with Visa, Mastercard and other networks can tap into customer checking accounts for purchases.
AutoZone Gift CardsBoth physical and electronic gift cards allow easy self-payment at AutoZone locations.
AutoZone Rewards CardMembers earn points redeemable for discounts on future purchases. Rewards integrate with other payment.
PayPalPayPal can be used for seamless checkout on AutoZone’s website and app.
CashCash payments are still accepted for added flexibility in AutoZone stores.


In summary, most AutoZone stores have implemented contactless terminals enabling Apple Pay for faster iPhone checkout of auto parts and accessories. While not supported online yet, Apple Pay provides in-store shoppers a convenient way to pay from their iPhone. And AutoZone still offers traditional payment methods like cards and cash too. Therefore, whether you prefer using Apple Pay, credit cards, cash or other payment methods, AutoZone provides shoppers with flexible checkout options. The next time you stop by AutoZone for wiper blades or motor oil, consider giving Apple Pay a try for quick, hassle-free checkout right from your iPhone.


1) Is It Safe to Use Apple Pay at AutoZone?

A) Yes, Apple Pay is highly secure for payments at AutoZone. Your actual credit card details are never shared due to encryption. Additionally, each transaction must be authorized with Face ID or Touch ID for protection.

2) Do AutoZone Charge Fees When Using Apple Pay?

A) No, AutoZone does not charge any extra fees or impose additional costs for choosing Apple Pay over other payment types they accept. You pay the standard listed price.

3) Does AutoZone Have a Limit for Apple Pay?

A) No, AutoZone does not enforce any special purchase limits specifically on Apple Pay transactions. The regular transaction restrictions imposed by your bank and credit card still apply when using Apple Pay.

4) Does Apple Pay Work at Every AutoZone Location?

A) While most AutoZone stores accept Apple Pay, it’s a good idea to check with your specific local store in case they have not set up the contactless terminals yet. You can call ahead or look for terminal logos instore.

5) Can I Add Multiple Cards to Apple Pay for AutoZone Purchases?

A) Yes, you can add several debit and credit cards to your Apple Wallet and conveniently switch between them as the active payment method for AutoZone. But only one stored card can be used per transaction.

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