Does Murphy USA Take Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does Murphy Take Apple Pay Know Payment Methods

Murphy USA is one of the largest convenience store and gas station chains, with over 1,650 locations nationwide. Originally based in Arkansas, Murphy USA has focused on providing drivers and shoppers with quality fuel, snacks, and more at affordable prices.

As Apple Pay expands, a common question we get is whether convenience chains like Murphy accept these innovative mobile payment methods. Let’s explore what flexible payment methods Murphy offers based on our independent findings.


Yes, Murphy USA gas stations and convenient stores widely accept Apple Pay for quick, convenient tap-to-pay at pumps and in-store.

We researched and confirmed Apple Pay acceptance at the Murphy location on 5th Avenue in New York City for you. Here’s a link to Murphy’s website where you can verify Apple Pay acceptance since we last verified, as policies may evolve.

The Murphy USA Story: From Walmart Partnership to Convenience Leader

The Murphy USA Story From Walmart Partnership to Convenience Leader

The history of Murphy USA starts in 1996 when they opened their first gas stations in Arkansas. Murphy USA was originally created as a subsidiary of Murphy Oil Corporation to run gas stations located near Walmart stores. This strategic partnership with Walmart allowed Murphy USA to quickly expand nationwide throughout the 1990s and 2000s by building gas stations with convenience stores on Walmart real estate.

Today, Murphy USA operates over 1,650 locations across 26 states, most still co-located with Walmart stores for convenience. Murphy USA has positioned itself as a destination for quality fuel and snacks at low prices. Along with gasoline, Murphy convenience stores offer a wide range of products from drinks and foods to tobacco, lottery, and automotive accessories. The company also launched mobile apps and gas station loyalty rewards programs as part of its digital innovation. By sticking to its strategy of providing convenience for less, Murphy USA has found great success partnering with Walmart.

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Does Murphy Accept Apple Pay In-Store, at Pumps, and In-App?

Does Murphy Accept Apple Pay In-Store at Pumps and In-App

Does Murphy Accept Apple Pay In-Store: Yes, most Murphy USA convenience stores have contactless checkout terminals enabling Apple Pay. You can hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near the point-of-sale scanner to tap and pay securely using Wallet. This provides the fastest way to breeze through checkout.

Does Murphy Accept Apple Pay At Pumps: Similarly, Murphy USA has upgraded many of its gas pumps with NFC readers allowing Apple Pay. After pumping your gas, you can simply tap your iPhone on the contactless reader to instantly finish and pay for your purchase.

Does Murphy Accept Apple Pay In-App: Murphy USA has also integrated Apple Pay into its iOS mobile apps. This allows you to pre-order car washes, make gas pump authorizations, or purchase items for in-store pickup, then use Apple Pay to checkout seamlessly after scanning your face.

The Benefits of Paying With Apple Pay at Murphy USA

By using Apple Pay together with Murphy’s loyalty programs like Murphy Rewards, you can take full advantage of earning fuel discounts, coupon savings, and points towards future redemptions. Each Apple Pay transaction still counts and qualifies towards your regular Murphy Rewards earnings and redemption levels. Overall, paying with your iPhone provides all the usual loyalty perks plus quicker checkout.

Other Payment Options at Murphy USA

Other Payment Options at Murphy USA

While Apple Pay is great, Murphy USA also accepts various other flexible payment methods:

Credit CardsMajor card networks like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover are widely accepted at Murphy locations, providing flexible financing options.
Debit CardsBank-issued debit cards affiliated with top providers such as Visa and Mastercard can be conveniently used for purchases at Murphy by directly accessing customer checking accounts.
Murphy Gift CardsMurphy’s physical and digital gift cards allow customers to easily redeem prepaid balances towards gas, snacks, car washes and other items.
Walmart Gift CardsWalmart gift card balances can be applied to purchases at Murphy stations since many are co-located with Walmart stores.
Murphy RewardsMembers of Murphy’s loyalty programs can earn fuel discounts and reward points redeemable for future savings on gas and convenience store items.
Fleet CardsMajor commercial fleet fuel cards are accepted at Murphy for convenient management of corporate gasoline purchases.
CashCash is still widely accepted for in-store payments at Murphy USA.


In summary, Murphy USA has rolled out contactless payment terminals accepting Apple Pay at most of its gas stations and convenience stores nationwide. This allows customers to skip the card swipe and pay from an iPhone with just a glance and tap at the pump or register. Along with Apple Pay acceptance, Murphy USA still offers flexible traditional payment methods like cash and cards too. Whatever payment method you prefer – whether Apple Pay, credit card, cash or gift card – Murphy USA strives to provide a fast, convenient checkout experience that meets your needs. Next time you stop in for fuel or a bite, consider trying Apple Pay to breeze through payment!


1) Does Apple Pay work at every Murphy USA location?

A) While most locations accept Apple Pay, some older gas pumps or stores may not be upgraded yet. Check for contactless logos or call ahead to confirm.

2) Can I use Apple Pay in the Murphy USA mobile app?

A) Yes, you can order gas and convenience store items in the Murphy app, then checkout with Apple Pay by scanning your face or fingerprint.

3) Is it safe to use my debit card via Apple Pay at Murphy USA?

A) Extremely safe – Apple Pay keeps your actual debit card details private. Murphy USA never sees your card number when you pay via Apple Pay.

4) Do I still earn gas rewards points when I pay with Apple Pay?

A) Yes, you earn the usual Murphy USA rewards points and fuel discounts when you pay with Apple Pay the same as using a physical rewards card.

5) Does Murphy USA charge any fees for Apple Pay?

A) No, Murphy USA does not charge any extra fees or impose additional costs for choosing Apple Pay over other payment types they accept.

6) Can I store multiple cards on Apple Pay to use at different Murphy USA locations?

A) Absolutely. You can add several credit and debit cards to Apple Pay and conveniently switch between them when visiting different Murphy USA stores.

7) Does Apple Pay work at Murphy-branded gas stations?

A) Yes, both Murphy USA and Murphy Express locations accept Apple Pay in their apps, at gas pumps, and in-store if contactless payment terminals are available.

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