Facebook Confirms It’s Working On Video App For Apple TV

Facebook Confirms It’s Working On Video App For Apple TV

Facebook Confirms It’s Working On Video App For Apple TV

Big things are coming for Facebook and its users. For a while now, it’s been reported that the social media empire is working on a video app for Apple TV. Today, Facebook has finally broken its silence on the subject by confirming the reports.

On Tuesday, Facebook announced that they were working on a new app for set-top boxes such as the Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Amazon Fire TV. According to its announcement, users can view the same content they would normally find on Facebook.

But since it is compatible with set-top boxes, the videos can be viewed on a much larger screen and with better quality.

Dan Rose, VP of Partnerships for Facebook, spoke to the public at the Code Media conference held at the Ritz-Carlton in California. Rose was the one who confirmed reports of the new app.

He shared that it would help users to watch the videos they saved throughout the day when they get home. On the business side of things, the app will give Facebook another platform for selling video ads and a venue for consumers who are interested in watching videos.

Prior to today’s confirmation, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had already expressed his ambitions for the company through the video app. The idea was juggled around during Facebook’s Q4 earnings call held early this month.

Back in 2016, Facebook users spent over 100 million hours watching videos every day. By creating a video app for Facebook, it will give its users a venue where they can easily keep up with their favorite videos on the social network.

As of this writing, Facebook is currently in talks with video creators to license content. They are also working hand in hand with publishing partners in order to produce longer videos that will potentially create more TV-style content onto the app.

There is no specified date on when the new Facebook app will roll out yet but it’s clear that the social network is already working on making the release soon.

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