Gorilla Glass 5 Unveiled; Possible Inclusion In Future IPhones

Earlier today, Corning announced its next iteration of its Gorilla Glass cover designed for mobile displays. Named the Gorilla Glass 5, Corning says this new iteration is capable of surviving drops onto rough surfaces, four times better compared to other options. The company notes that touch sensitivity and display clarity are not affected by drops.

On its release, Corning praised Gorilla Glass 5 for being able to survive drops from 5.2 feet facedown onto a rough surface 80% of the time.

The company even compared it with its predecessor, the Gorilla Glass 4, which was only able to survive drops from as high as 3.2 feet. Even though Gorilla Glass 4 was launched in 2014, it still is considered as a remarkable protection over other versions.

A reason why Corning decided to improve the drop resistance of their Gorilla Glass brand was because a study revealed that over 85% of smartphone users tend to drop their device at least once a year. Meanwhile, 55% of users have apparently dropped their device more.

As of this writing, Gorilla Glass 5 has been made available to manufacturers. With this, Corning believes it will be integrated onto devices released by the end of the year. While Corning has not announced any specific partnerships with smartphone manufacturers, there’s some speculation it could be included on the iPhone 7 or maybe even the iPhone 8.

This is particularly because Apple has an agreement with Corning that they will not be listed on Corning’s website even though they are working with each other. It is important to note though that Gorilla Glass has been included on more than 4.5 billion devices throughout the world thanks to over 40 brands.

Perhaps if it is a little too late for Apple to include Gorilla Glass 5 on the iPhone 7, there’s a big chance it could be included on the spec-sheet of the iPhone 8. Especially since the iPhone 7 is expected to be released in a few months, there’s a big possibility Gorilla Glass 5 won’t be available until next year’s new model.

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