Apple Reportedly Acquires New Health Data Startup

Recently, there are reports circulating the internet that claim Apple has purchased Gliimpse, a health data startup company known for collecting and combining dissimilar bits of personal health information. The report comes from Fast Company, who claims that the acquisition happened earlier in the year.

Despite this, Gliimpse still has not confirmed the report of the buy out. Apple, on the other hand, has confirmed the acquisition when a representative said that they generally buy smaller technology companies. The representative was quick to reiterate that they don’t discuss the purpose or plans in such acquisitions generally.

The way Gliimpse works is that it enables users to gather their own medical information into one virtual arena. They can then choose to add pictures and other documents onto their profile so they can refer back to it whenever they need to. In addition to this, users can easily share the data as a picture to whomever they plan to.

Gliimpse was formed by Anil Sethi back in 2013. Before forming the company, Sethi worked as a systems engineer for Apple in the 80s. In 2001, he was able to sell Sequoia Software to Citrix Systems for over $180 million in cash. Sethi then proceeded to start several health tech companies prior to Gliimpse such as Xlipstream and Pinch Bio.

With the reports that the company has been acquired by Apple, it’s still unclear as to what will happen with the team behind Gliimpse. But considering they have been working on health-related software for the past years, this integration with Apple has been somewhat expected. And with the other health-related Apple-owned products (like HealthKit, CareKit, and ResearchKit), it’s exciting what Apple has planned for Gliimpse.

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