5 Paid Jailbreak Tweaks You Should Try Right Now

Earlier this week we released a list of 10 free Jailbreak tweaks for you to try out on your device(s). Today, we’re bringing you a similar list, with 5 paid Jailbreak tweaks that are worth the price tag they come with. Check out the list below.

1. Aeternum


Aeternum is a tweak I reviewed in full a little while back, and it’s still one of my favorite tweaks I’ve ever used. If you haven’t yet heard, this tweak replaces your home screen with a working replica of the upcoming Apple Watch UI, and it does a great job at doing so.

It comes with built in (now working) Activator support, so you can easily show and hide the tweak and switch back to the standard home screen UI with ease. Check it out if you’re really looking to shake things up on your device!

Price: $2.99
Repo: BigBoss
Click here for our full Aeternum review.

2. Springtomize 3

Springtomize 3 is a staple tweak in the Jailbreak community, and allows you to customize a wide variety of things on your device. The tweak has settings to customize animations, the multitasking switcher, Control Center, the home screen dock, folders, icons, the lock screen, home screen pages, and the status bar.

Within each category you’ll find many different options to customize all aspects of said category. Springtomize 3 has so many options, you’ll be sure to find something useful to you!

Price: $2.99
Repo: BigBoss

3. Eclipse 2

Eclipse is one of the first tweaks I install on all of devices after Jailbreaking. Eclipse is a tweak designed to darken all of the UI elements of iOS and was introduced in iOS 7. It’s extremely useful at night, when the bright white UI elements throughout iOS become blinding.

It also looks great to run full-time if that’s what you’re looking for. Eclipse 2 features a number of settings to change the colors, blacklist apps, and much more. If you’re looking for a night mode for iOS, Eclipse 2 is your best option.

Price: $0.99
Repo: BigBoss

4. Convergance (Coming Soon)

Convergance is an awesome Jailbreak tweak that replaces your entire lock screen with a much cleaner, minimalistic look. It contains so many awesome features and customizations, there’s no way I could sum up everything this tweak does in just one paragraph. I’d highly recommend checking out the Convergance website to see if it’s a tweak you’re interested in!

Note: Convergance is currently available on iOS 7 and as a beta on iOS 8. Look out for the public iOS 8 version to go live in ModMyi sometime in the next few days!

Price: $2.50
Repo: ModMyi
Beta Repo (for those who purchased on iOS6/7 only): http://repo.incendo.ws

5. HideMe8

HideMe8 Lite was featured in our 10 free Jailbreak tweaks you should try out list, and it’s such an awesome tweak that the full version deserves a spot on this list as well! HideMe8 allows you to hide many different aspects of iOS, and even includes a few customization options.

You can hide things such as certain status bar icons, home screen icon labels, the Notification Center and Control Center grabbers on the lock screen, and so much more. The full version of HideMe8 unlocks all of the greyed-out toggles found in HideMe8 Lite, so it may be worth your while to try out HideMe8 Lite (for free) first!

Price: $2.00 (free for Lite version)
Repo: BigBoss

Honorable Mentions

If you’re looking for a few more tweaks to try out, here’s 2 more that just missed the cut for this list.

  1. QuickPass – Adds a simple toggle to the Settings app (also includes FlipSwitch support) to turn the Passcode on or off. Pick it up for $0.99 in the BigBoss repo.
  2. TetherMe for iOS 8+ – Enables native tethering on your device if your carrier/ plan doesn’t already allow it. Pick it up for $4.99 in the BigBoss repo.

Are there any awesome paid tweaks you’re using that weren’t mentioned in this list? Let us know in the comments

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