Apple To Port Aperture To IPad

Apple to port Aperture to iPad

Photographers are at a loss for words for the iPad. They think it’s awesome and cool, until they get to editing photos on the device. Currently, the only option given to users when importing photos to the iPad is just sticking them in the Photos app.

However, most professional photographers tend to edit their pictures (but not as bad as this one), mainly for color correction. This process is one of the benefits of digital photography; being able to enhance a picture that would normally be dull and boring. The patent explaining all of this is found below:

Apple to port Aperture to iPad

Apple looks like it is willing to port its professional app on the Mac, Aperture, to its iOS counterpart. This idea was found by Patently Apple, a blog dedicated to finding and explaining some of the latest Apple patents. The patent revealed that Apple is indeed experimenting with Aperture on the iPad.

It’s still unknown whether or not they’ll be doing this with their other pro apps (Logic and Final Cut); however, as more and more pros flock to the iPad for casual web browsing, they might as well get a little work in.

If this were to happen, Apple would basically have all the apps it currently offers on the Mac on the iPad (with the exclusion of iDVD and iWeb, both of which are declining in popularity).

Apple’s goal with this is being able to make your projects more mobile. It wouldn’t be surprising if Apple started selling the iPad with GarageBand and iMovie pre-installed, just to make the $500 price tag a little more appetizing.

Do you think Apple will be bringing its pro-apps to the iPad? Leave a comment down below or send me a tweet.

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