Instapaper Named App Of The Week, Now Free

If you’ve ever been in the need of an offline reader, or an app that allows you to bookmark articles for offline reading later, chances are you’ve heard of Instapaper. The app was one of the first of its kind, and is also one of the most popular choices.

Even better is the fact that it was just named Apple’s App of the Week, meaning that until next Thursday, the app will be free. Yep, this means that you can download an app that normally costs $3.99 for free!

The description for the app from the App Store is listed below.

Instapaper is the simplest way to save and store articles for reading: offline, on-the-go, anytime, anywhere, perfectly formatted.

Instapaper for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch provides a mobile-optimized Text view that makes reading Internet content a clean and uncluttered experience.

Instapaper Core Features:

– Save most web pages as text only, stripping away the full-sized layout to optimize for the iPhone and iPad screens.
– Store up to 500 articles on your iPhone or iPad, and store unlimited articles on the Instapaper website.
– Read offline, even on airplanes, subways, on elevators, or on Wi-Fi-only devices away from Internet connections.
– Send to Instapaper from 150 other iPhone and iPad apps.

Even if you are on the fence about using the app, you may as well go ahead and download it since it’s free. At the very least it gives you the option to use it in the future. It is also worth noting that the app is for both iPhone and iPad, so you can get the app for both devices for free here: Instapaper.

Will you be downloading Instapaper for free this week? Do you use Instapaper or an app similar? Sound off in the comments section below,

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