Apple Highlights IPhone 7 Plus’ Built-In Zoom Feature On New Ad

Considering it’s now the last month of the year, Apple is working hard at pushing its iPhone 7 lineup to its customers. Earlier tonight, the company released a new advertisement that highlighted one of the features of the device.

The new advertisement gives light to the dual-camera features of the iPhone 7 Plus and how it works well when applied in the real world.

The ad showcases a couple of kids who are in the middle of reenacting a scene from Romeo and Juliet. The scene comes complete with a lavish castle, elegant costumes from the Elizabethan era, and all the right words.

But as soon as the camera pans away from the main characters, it reveals a third character– a parent who has actually been videotaping his daughter as Juliet. The camera returns and it becomes clear that it has actually been a school production all along. The 30-second clip ends with “Your movies look like movies on iPhone 7”

The parent in the ad is using the iPhone 7 Plus’ zoom capability included in its Camera app so he could get a closer shot of the scene. With the tag lines used by Apple, they are implying that users can record studio-like videos with the iPhone 7 Plus.

And just like it has done in the ads they have released for the iPhone 7, the Romeo and Juliet ad shows “Practically magic” on the screen as a close.

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