Shoppers Already Lining Up For The IPhone 5 Outside 5th Ave Store

I live in a small city. Carlisle in the North of England is probably the most remote city in the country. There are around 100,000 people living here, so when a new iPhone is out I know I can walk up on launch day, perhaps 2 hours before the stores open, get in line and be certain of walking away as a happy customer.

In New York – Manhattan specifically – it’s a different story. If you head over to the Apple’s iconic 5th avenue store today you’ll see people are already lining up, eager to be first to get the iPhone 5.

Just in case you weren’t sure: today is Monday, launch is on Friday. That’s four sleeps, on the street, just to get an iPhone before everyone else. Now, I love my iPhone. In fact, I love all my Apple gadgets, they’re awesome.

Not so awesome that I’d spend four days away from my family to sleep out in the cold, on a busy high street. It’s not that I don’t want to get it early. It’s that I have the sense to realize it’s much more pain-free to order it online and wait for it to be shipped.

Side note: there’s clearly some time of orange hat dress code going on. The guy nearest (top photo) the end clearly didn’t get the memo, or the other iFans pranked him telling him they’d all be wearing purple. Hashtag fail! On that note, neither did the first guy. No attention to detail.

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