Instapaper Creator Sells Service To Betaworks

For those that don’t know, Instapaper is an incredibly popular web service that started out as a simple way for people to save and read articles they found online and grew to “define the pillars of the read-later market: a one-click “read later” bookmarklet, a web sync service, an adjustable text view optimized for reading, and an iPhone app with offline saving.”

As he explains in a blog post, Instapaper creator Marco Arment basically created, managed, developed, and expanded these services totally on his own. Recently, though, it became clear to Arment that the sheer scale of Instapaper demanded more than one man could deliver. So, with Instapaper’s health his top priority, Arment has decided to sell his majority stake to a company Betaworks.

Betaworks, Arment believes, will be able to give Instapaper the room to grow under the eye watch of a full-time staff. This move will also give Arment the freedom to work on other projects and, if his previous work is any indication, they’re bound to be pretty great.

If you aren’t an Instapaper user, you should definitely check out the iOS application. It’s available now for $3.99.

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