Apple’s Road Map “Blows Away” Executives

Fortune published a lengthy profile on Tim Cook covering his first 7 months in office, and among the normal evaluations of how he’s doing as CEO of the most valuable brand name in the world, there are some interesting pieces of information.

In their article, Fortune describes an annual event where Apple invites who it sees as the “Top 100″ executives to see their upcoming roadmap. As Fortune put it:

Participants left the Top 100 energized about Apple’s near-term outlook, presumably having seen Apple’s next iPhone and perhaps its long-awaited television product too. One veteran executive was “blown away” by what he had seen, says someone this executive spoke to afterward. Reports another person with access to top-level Apple executives: “People came away totally comfortable with where the company is headed.”

This may not give anything to go off of in terms of rumors, but it shows that Mr. Cook is surely able to keep up with the innovative aura that surrounded the company under the late Steve Jobs, which is very encouraging news.

However, there also are some concerns pointed out. Some of the engineers at the company are worried that the corporate persona that Apple is taking on isn’t what they need. As an example, project managers and supply chain executives are reported to be in every important meeting. In their article, Fortune says:

Indeed, allowing anyone to interfere with the creative-genius engineers is anathema to the Steve Jobs ethos at Apple. Sniffs one engineer: “This leads to more sharing of resources, which leads inevitably to fighting, which leads to weaselly excuses.” They are normal corporate concerns, in other words, and very un-Apple-like.

Overall, Tim Cook seems to be keeping everything running smoothly at Apple, with both the employees and shareholders happy. Over the next months we will see how much of an influence has been made with the announcement of these new products that everyone seems to be talking about.

Check out the rest of the profile on Tim Cook at the source link.

What do you think? Excited to see what they are talking about? Do you think Tim is doing a good job? Do you wish someone else had been made CEO? Let us know in the comments.

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