The Pew Internet & American Life Project has discovered that over the past 12 months, the tablet market has come up in leaps and bounds, with 25% of Americans now owning a tablet of some sort. It’ll come as no surprise that over half of those tablets are iPads.

Although Apple does hold more than half of the sales of tablets, its market share is a mere 2% over the ‘magic’ 50%, leaving Android tablets with the remaining 48%.

This means that Apple may be losing its crown, in terms of tablet sales, as 2 years ago, the original iPad had an incredible 81% of the market to itself.

But there is a small twist that suggests Apple is already losing, as these results were discovered prior to Google’s launch of the immensely popular Nexus 7, which could very easily steal the mere 2% lead that iOS has over Android.

There is no doubt that the price of Apple’s products is the main reason why consumers are so attracted to Android, as the Amazon Kindle Fire is essentially the ‘king of Android’, having the most sales of all Android tablets.

This could be a reason to believe that Apple is releasing an iPad mini, as it would effectively be a tablet killer, as the ‘premium’ brand would surely dominate the field if it were only a little cheaper.

If I may offer my two cents on the whole Android versus iOS tablet war, there have only ever been 3 iOS tablets, and there are 2 currently on sale.

In comparison, there are countless amounts of Android tablets, from huge companies such as Samsung and HTC, right down to the bottom end, bog standard tablets, made by anonymous brands in the hope of earning a few dollars. With that in mind, surely Android should have been selling more tablets than Apple right fromthe word ‘go’, so why has it taken them so long to catch up?

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