IPhone 5S, Cheap IPhone 5 Plus Refreshed IPads and Apple TV On 2013′s Product Roadmap?

If Ming-Chi Kuo’s predictions are anything to go by, Apple’s heading for another very busy second half of the year. The third quarter in particular looks hectic. According to KGI Securities chief analyst, we could see a total of 11 new/refreshed products in the next 10-11 months.

Unlike other rumor spinners, Kuo speculates that the iPhone 5S won’t arrive until September/October, going against the flow a little as many other sources and analysts claim Apple will be updating its smartphone lineup in June at WWDC. And, despite recent rumors of a March launch for the iPad 5, he also expects a holiday launch for Apple’s flagship tablet.

The image above suggests that not only will we see an iPhone 5S (think iPhone 5 design with boosted performance). Other rumored features include a fingerprint sensor, and improved camera.

The curiously named “new design” is the rumored low-cost iPhone, which could be made from cheaper materials, i.e. plastic. His thoughts on the new iPad go along with the mockup designed earlier with thinner bezels, and a less bulky frame.

Other new products could include a refreshed Apple TV in March, and new MacBooks, iMacs, Mac Mini and iPods towards the end of the year.

The obvious missing product is the much fabled HDTV, which has been difficult for anyone to get any concrete evidence of. All we have to go on are a couple of sound bytes from interviews with Tim Cook and Steve Jobs. It’s “an area of intense interest” and apparently they’ve “cracked it“.

We’ll keep you updated as always with any further news, leaks and rumors.

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