New MacBook Air To Get Backlit Keyboard – Again?

When the MacBook Air first launched it brought with it a great feature – a backlit keyboard. This meant if you were in low light conditions you could still happily type away without trying to touch type.

(Let’s face it, we can’t all do that…) Then, confusingly, Apple removed it from the second generation models. Many were nonplussed. Backlighting LEDs don’t use up that much energy, or take up a heap of space, was it merely a cost cutting exercise?

However, along with other rumors, the next generation notebook is set to have this feature re-introduced. “Hooray!” Along with the backlit keyboard the ultra-slim computer is speculated to have blazing 400MBps flash memory, ultra-fast Thunderbolt connectivity, Mac OS X Lion preinstalled and the new Intel Sandy Bridge processors.

All in all, it should be a pretty powerful speedy device considering its size(s). What’s taken for granted is that the new notebooks will have the usual 11″ and 13″ displays. Release date isn’t yet known, some speculate it could be this week, others think it’ll be next week. Either way, the launch should happen within this month.

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