Since its sneak preview last year, Mac OS X Lion has not had a definitive release date pencilled in by Apple. Even during the WWDC keynote, Jobs announced it would be available in July, with no specific date given.

However, according to 9to5 Mac we could see some movement very soon. An anonymous tipster, appropriately named “Mr. X” has leaked info stating that it will be launched at some point this week.

Along with Mac OS X Lion, Apple is expected to launch a new range of MacBook Airs, as well as Mac Pros. The ultra-slim netbook will come in two flavors, 11″ and 13″ both with two versions. Code names are below:

  • MC965LL/A – K21, BETTER, BTR-USA
  • MC966LL/A – K21, BEST, BTR-USA
  • MC968LL/A – K78, BETTER, BTR-USA
  • MC969LL/A – K78, BEST, BTR-USA

Alongside the MacBook Air refresh will be a reboot of the ultimate powerhouse Mac, the Mac Pro. This tower is widely used by creative professionals in need of huge amounts of power, and crazy performance.

  • MC936LL/A – J40, ULTIMATE – USA
  • MC815LL/A – J40, BETTER – USA
  • MC816LL/A – J40, BEST – USA
  • MC914LL/A – J59, BEST – USA

If Mac OS X Lion is launched this week – probably on the 14th – it will be available in the Mac App Store for $29.99. Be sure to read Jake’s article on how to prepare your Mac for the new software.

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