Samsung Nexus Prime Set To Dwarf IPhone 4/5?

Yesterday the news broke that Samsung accidentally announced itself as partner for the next flagship “pure Android” device. The Nexus Prime – if rumors are to be believed – will play host to an incredible array of specs. With a 4.5″ Super AMOLED display and processing power supplied by a 1.5GHz core chip, this robot is going to be a beast. (That is, of course, if the speculation is correct.)

With a screen that size and a processor that powerful it is set to dwarf the current iPhone and possibly the iPhone 5 in almost every way conceivable. (Unless Apple files a lawsuit and gets a block on sales in place.) We know that the next iPhone will have the A5 processor, which is dual-core, that’s a given.

We don’t know how powerful it is – since Apple keeps it secret – but it’s almost certainly not 1.5GHz. What about display size? The current iPhone’s 3.5″ screen is already looking a tad small compared to its biggest rivals. If the Prime does have a 4.5″ display, that’s an entire inch of difference.

Even if the next Apple handset sports a 4″ screen, it’s still tiny compared to the Prime’s purported specs. Granted, a 4.5″ display is certainly pushing in to the realm of too big, but, who wants to carry a device that looks puny and weak against the top Google-dog?

What do you guys think? Will the iPhone 5 be a pace setter? Or will it be blown away by the Prime? (Talking performance here, not sales.) A lot will come down to how will Ice Cream Sandwich holds up in the real world. iOS 5 is going to be tough to beat (since it’s stolen the best parts of all the other major phone OSes.)

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