The Perfect IPhone 5 – My Wish List

Yesterday, Cam discussed the latest rumors regarding the next iPhone and its software. He talked about the possibility of a 3.7″ display, A5 processor, and cloud-based iTunes making its way onto Apple’s upcoming device.

However, as interesting and exciting as these rumors can be, I’m in the mood right now to have a little fun. I want to use my imagination (while remaining practical of course) and pretend that I am in charge of designing the iPhone 5.

Last September, my upgrade came on the 14th. This was before I had an iPhone – my parents wouldn’t let me and were too stubborn to be persuaded otherwise. So, I decided I was going to buy the new iPod Touch.

It was sleek, had cameras, sported a “Retina” display, and would have been the perfect upgrade from my current, original iPod Touch from 2007. Just before making my purchase, I had an idea: What if I could convince my parents to buy me an iPhone next June, when I was sure the iPhone 5 would come out? After all, I thought, I could handle waiting just nine more months before using my upgrade. Well, I was wrong.

By January my craving for an iPhone was so bad that I bought a friend’s old 3GS after she upgraded to an iPhone 4. I love it so much, but it still doesn’t fulfill that urge in the back of my mind to have the latest and greatest gadget.

Now it is May, and I should only have one month to go before finally getting rid of my spoiled needs. Unfortunately, I am no longer sure if that is the case. So instead of dwelling on all of the rumors, and wishing that I could ignore the facts, I am taking it into my own hands to design Apple’s new iPhone.

iPhone 5 Hardware:

First, I would begin with hardware. The latest speculation is that Apple will introduce a new iPhone at its annual media event this September.

I don’t think I can handle waiting that long though. If it were up to me, the iPhone 5 would be announced this June (like it always has been and always should be) with a pretty awesome new design.

Let’s start with the front. The screen would be 3.7″, because to me, 4″ is just too big. To be honest, I am perfectly content with the current 3.5″, but if change is inevitable then 3.7″ seems to be the way to go.

Next, the home button. The area of glass surrounding it would be gesture-based, like swipe right to compose a new text, and the button itself would remain “pushable”.

The bezel around the screen would be thinner, but the screen would remain centered on the phone. Also, the camera at the top would be of a higher resolution, and the speakers at the bottom would be much, much louder.

Moving on now to the sides of the phone, they would be a hybrid between the iPhone 4 and 3GS. I love how thin the 4 looks with its metal band, but I also love the feel of the 3GS in my hand.

So what I have in mind is a metal band that curves around to the back of the phone. The volume buttons would still be separate, and the mute switch, lock button, and headphone jack would stay put.

Finally, the back of the iPhone would be made of metal. It would be curved, have a camera and flash in the top-center, and an Apple logo right were it belongs.

In a perfect world, the iPhone 5 would even come in colors. Like a silver metal back, a black metal back, and a white metal back for example. This iPhone would be too cool.

iOS 5 and iCloud?

Then, I would redesign the software. The notification system would be first on my list. I would make it so that when a text arrives, a small message would be displayed at the top of the screen for a few seconds, and then disappear, leaving an icon at the top where a notification drawer could be pulled down. Also, the lock screen would be changed to display whatever information I set it to, from weather to missed calls to calendar events.

The biggest change I would make for iOS 5 would be adding an exposé-like feature and finally bringing cloud integration to the iPhone.

The exposé feature would work by pinching out on the home screen, where I would be able to see all my open applications and choose one to pick up exactly where I left off. It would be a lot like multitasking, just more seamless than double clicking a button to view icons.

As far as the cloud goes, I am happy with everything that seems to be buzzing around the internet, so I don’t think it’s necessary to get into detail here. Although I would say that iOS 5 would have everything, not just music, be based off the cloud.

Through all of these changes, iOS 5 would be unstoppable and leave the competition miles behind in the race to make the perfect operating system.

Did I let my imagination get the best of me? Or do you guys agree with what I have to say about the perfect iPhone 5? Do you have any other dream features in mind? Let me know in the comments section below- and don’t be afraid to be creative!

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