Apple vs. Samsung Lawsuit: “Don’t Make Us Give The IPhone 5!”

If you’ve been following the lawsuit between Samsung and Apple you will know that Sammy recently stated that it wanted to see unreleased products made by Cupertino. This was in response to Apple’s request to get hold of a few of Samsung’s gadgets, after Jobs&Co recognized some significant similarities between its phones and tablets.

The difference however, is that all the Korean tech firm’s gadgets have been announced and/or released. The iPhone 5 and iPad 3 have not. Here’s a part of the filing by Apple to oppose Samsung’s request:

“Samsung’s Motion to Compel is an improper attempt to harass Apple by demanding production of extremely sensitive trade secrets that have no relevance to Apple’s likelihood of success on its infringement claims or to a preliminary injunction motion. Apple made a compelling showing in its motion to expedite discovery that Apple needs samples of products that Samsung has already announced, distributed, and described, so that Apple can evaluate whether to file a preliminary injunction motion against those products, which look strikingly similar to the distinctive trade dress of Apple’s current products. Samsung has made no such showing about Apple’s future products. Therefore, Samsung’s Motion to Compel should be denied.”

Personally, I think this was just a cheap shot taken by Samsung to try and get the heads up on future releases, and to get revenge. Clearly, Sammy is annoyed. What do you think? Should Samsung be allowed to get hold of Apple’s secret products?

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