The latest rumor from that ever spinning rumor mill, DigiTimes, is that Apple is investing in curved glass. According to “industry sources” Cupertino has ordered between 200-300 glass-cutting machines to be utilized by glass makers over in China, where the devices are built.

This throws up two possibilities. Firstly, we could see a curved glass display, similar to that on the Nexus S. (We’re not sure how popular that would be.) Or we could see a return to the traditional, curved back, that was on previous generations of the iPhone.

I, for one, would be glad of the change. I still miss my 3GS’ ergonomic feel, and would jump for joy if Jobs&Co managed to keep the materials currently used in the iPhone 4, but still have a rounded back.

What do you guys want? Would you like the curved display, as seen on the Nexus S? Would you prefer a curved, glass back? Or both?

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