Apple Might Soon Release Technology That Could Reduce Accidents Caused By Distracted Driving

Apple Watch has been a useful device that enables its user to be able to see notifications without the need to pull out their iPhones. But for those who are wearing the device while driving, this can be a bit of a distraction.

Fortunately, it looks like Apple is gearing up to make cut down distracted driving on the Apple Watch. Apparently, Apple filed a patent last September 2016 to help address this issue. The patent was only awarded today.

To cut the story short, Apple has plans of incorporating motion detection on the Apple Watch to determine whether the user is involved in driving. Once it is detects that the user is currently driving, the device will only choose the alerts that get sent out.

This includes deciding how many alerts you can receive and where these alerts will be sent to. The device also takes a look at the alerts that are too important to hide while its user is driving.

In its patent filing, Apple described the feature as something that users and car manufacturers can customize. Through the technology, the notifications can be routed to CarPlay receivers or the speakers on board the vehicle as opposed to the display and speaker of the Apple Watch.

This new patent looks pretty promising and could potentially save a lot of lives. Hopefully, Apple will implement this technology when they launch this year’s newly watchOS 4 and iOS 11 updates.

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