Apple Is World’s No.1 Brand

This last couple of years has been a massive success for Apple. Despite an ever increasing challenge from Google in the smartphone world, Apple’s profits keep on growing. The iPhone 4 is the most popular iPhone yet, and the iPad became the first truly successful tablet device ever launched.

Not even an passionate Apple hater can deny this success. Apple’s net worth is estimated at around $324 billion, and many are claiming that Cupertino could become the world’s first trillion-dollar company.

Once a year, BrandZ releases its list of the 100 most valuable brands. This shouldn’t be confused with the world’s most wealthy companies. It’s more to do with which company is worth the most in terms of advertising and public appeal.

The list doesn’t just estimate the worth of tech companies, it’s all the most valuable brands in any industry, across the entire globe. The list follows:

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