CEO Thorsten Heins: BBM for iPhone will land “before the end of summer”


It’s been a little while now since we received confirmation that BlackBerry’s long-adored messenger service would be making its way to iPhone. In fact, BBerry announced it publicly at an event not long ago. Although the company never gave any official dates, a debunked rumor predicted it would be available on June 27th. Like my delivery from Amazon that should have arrived yesterday, BBM did not make an appearance on the App Store, and neither is it likely to any time soon.

During BlackBerry’s earnings call this morning, CEO Thorsten Heins made it clear that the company is very much still planning on bringing BBM to the two most popular smartphone platforms, and stated that Android and iPhone users will get BBM “before the end of the summer.”

So, it’s official. BBM will land on the App Store before September 21st.

BBM of course isn’t the only major BlackBerry service to make its way cross-platform in recent times. Just this week, the company made its enterprise aimed Secure Work Space  available to iOS users for the first time. It’s a sign – if nothing else – that the once great hardware company is having to sell out its greatest products to ensure survival.

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  • foreveryoursloveee

    Blackberry full of shit first they said this summer summer started from the 27th now there talking about before the end of summer really?….people would forget about it blackberry does things to late thats why there always behind!!!

  • stillnotsure

    to ensure their survival? guess not!! I’m planning to buy another new BB device for BBM service, but if they will making it into android and ios, I don’t need to by new BB. I will stick to my iphone 5 instead.

  • foreveryoursloveee

    @stillnotsure im sticking with mines too

  • PratikDoshi

    Download BBM Beta apk for here..