BlackBerry Secure Work Space For IOS Launched

Blackberry has announced the launch of its Secure Work Space, which is compatible with iOS, and also Android.

Secure Work Space, announced in March, gives all of its users access to data and applications which lie behind corporate firewalls, without the need for VPN. The application is part of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, a system which is currently being used or tested by 60% of Fortune 500 companies. BES 10 also includes applications for e-mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, memos, browsing and document editing.

The new scheme marks Blackberry’s return to focus on the business sector which it once used to dominate. The fact that the service is being made available on both iOS and Android also shows a shift in Blackberry’s focus towards services rather than hardware. In the public sector, this is epitomized by the development of BBM for both iOS and Android.

Are any of you involved in business? Have you considered using BB Secure Work Space? Why or why not?

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