Motorola Patent ruling could lead to US iPhone ban

Yesterday, the United States International Trade Commission ruled in favor of Motorola regarding a patent infringement that could see the iPhone pulled from US shelves.

Motorola filed claims for four Motorola patents. Yesterday ITC judge Thomas Pender ruled that Apple were infringing one of those patents. Whilst that’s not a very good success rate on Motorola’s part, it’s still bad news for Apple. The patent involves Motorola 3G and noise cancellation technology, and the technology under scrutiny is used in both the iPhone and the iPad.

Should the ITC decide that the iPhone should face a state-side ban, the case will be tried in front of none other than Barack Obama, and a patent law court.

Both sides are coming across rather confidently about the outcome. In a statement, Apple spokesperson Kristin Huguet said:

“A court in Germany has already ruled that Apple did not infringe on this patent, so we believe we will have a very strong case on appeal”

Meanwhile Motorola, whilst not alluding directly to the case have said:

“We are pleased that the ALJ’s initial determination finds Apple to be in violation of Motorola Mobility’s intellectual property, and look forward to the full commission’s ruling in August. Our commitment to innovation is a primary reason why we are an industry-leader in intellectual property, and our focus continues to be on building on this strong foundation to enhance the user experience.”

Motorola is on something of a roll when it comes to lawsuits at the moment, however it’s important not to undermine the significance of this case. Getting the iPhone banned in the U.S. would be huge. Do you think that could happen? Leave a comment below, and be sure to follow me on Twitter for all the latest Apple news, reviews and rumors.

Via: The Inquirer


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  • MyLifeInFiction

    Motorola would be out of business within 6 to 7 months if this would happen. There would be the biggest boycott in history. 

  • AnonyMouser

    People who buy Motorola’s usually do not buy iPhones, why would people who don’t even buy Motorola’s products boycott something they aren’t a customer of anyway?

  • pdahlke940

    NO, this is a stupid question. Someone would probably hunt down the judge and their family. Also, more than likely, the Judge has an iPhone.

  • Sneakker

    What i hate most about all these patent court case is tht just because someone does it better then you dosnt mean you have to try and sue them… Smh. Second they not goin to let it go through cause the ipone profits for every wireless company more then any other phone in this bad economy they can have tht just go away..

  • TheOneandOnlyAnonymouse

     @pdahlke940 With current market share, its more than likely the judge has an android lol

  • rday, the United States International Trade Commission ruled in favo

  • LucySaxon

    No one boycotted Apple over all the childish lawsuits they’ve been wrapped up in the last couple of years, so why would anyone who isn’t an fanboy (and therefore wouldn’t own anything not made by Apple anyway) give a toss?

  • john0001

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  • JoshuaTewell

     @Sneakker There’s a difference between someone doing something better than you, and somebody using something that is without a doubt yours in a better product.  Sure, the end result is something better for the consumer, but that doesn’t change the fact that Apple is using Motorola’s IP to make a profit without paying any royalties.

  • JoshuaTewell

     @pdahlke940 And?  If a judge can’t make an unbiased ruling solely because he or she likes the phone in his or her pocket, then that judge has no place in court.

  • The patent involves Motorola 3G and noise cancellation technology, and the technology under scrutiny is used in both the iPhone and the iPad.