IPhone 6 Dummy Prototypes “Leaked” – Don’t Look Quite Right [Pics]

And so it begins. A Japanese case-maker has leaked what it claims is a dummy prototype of Apple’s next iPhone. Dubbed the “iPhone 6″ by most who write about it, the next version of Apple’s iconic smartphone is said to be larger than the current models. And this dummy model would seem to go along with that theory.

For those unaware, these dummy models are used by case manufacturers to design and produce their own accessories in time for an iPhone launch. But, in a few cases (pardon the pun) in recent years, these have turned out to be incorrect.

As you can see from the images (discovered by a 9to5Mac community member), it is definitely bigger. But it does concern me a little, and I don’t for one second think that these are genuine.

Firstly, look at the back. The marks in place for the camera holes seem wrong. The actual camera part itself seems to far from the left edge, while the hole for the flash is perfectly circular, not pill-shaped like the iPhone 5s. Would Apple go back on its “tru-tone” flash after just one year? Probably not.

Secondly, the FaceTime camera is ridiculously close to the top edge. So much so, that I think it’d be impossible for Apple to put it there, so close to the edge of a glass panel? It’d crack straight away.

I’d say that if case makers did use this to make their wares, they’d end up with cutouts in all the wrong places. It looks like someone with the right skill-set has just built a slightly bigger version of the iPhone 5 with no attention to detail.

That, or because they’re just “prototypes” of a “dummy” model, the details don’t have to be perfect. Which begs the question: Why make them anyway?

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