Does Zaxby’s Accept Apple Pay In 2024? Know Payment Methods!

Does Zaxby's Accept Apple Pay Know Payment Methods

Mobile payments like Apple Pay are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and security benefits. For iPhone users, Apple Pay allows you to store your credit or debit card information and pay in stores simply by holding your phone near the payment terminal.

Many major restaurants and fast food chains now accept Apple Pay, but some are still lagging. So, what’s the case with Zaxby’s? In this article, we’ll take a close look at whether Zaxby’s accepts Apple Pay payments and the key details around using Apple Pay at Zaxby’s. Let’s dive in.


Yes, Zaxby’s accepts Apple Pay at most locations.

We researched and confirmed this by visiting the Zaxby’s location at Zaxby’s, Niagara St, Buffalo, NY. Additionally, the Zaxby’s website lists Apple Pay as an accepted payment method. However, policies may change over time so it’s best to check the latest Apple Pay acceptance information on Zaxby’s website before visiting. Here is the link to view Zaxby’s current Apple Pay policy.

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Does Zaxby’s Have the Technology to Accept Apple Pay?

Does Zaxby's Have the Technology to Accept Apple Pay

The first key question is whether Zaxby’s has the right hardware and software in place to technically support Apple Pay transactions. The good news is that yes, most Zaxby’s locations do have the technology to accept Apple Pay.

  • Zaxby’s uses Clover point-of-sale systems at many of its restaurants. Clover POS hardware has built-in support for contactless payments including Apple Pay.
  • On their website, Zaxby’s specifically lists Apple Pay as one of the payment options accepted.

So, from a technical standpoint, most Zaxby’s have the terminals and backend systems ready to accept Apple Pay payments from customers. However, having the right equipment is only part of the equation. The other key factor is whether each individual location has activated and enabled Apple Pay transactions.

Does Every Zaxby’s Location Accept Apple Pay?

Does Every Zaxby's Location Accept Apple Pay

With thousands of locations across 18 states, Zaxby’s is a major fast casual restaurant chain. However, its sheer size also means that Apple Pay acceptance can vary between individual restaurants.

Here are some key points on the consistency of Apple Pay acceptance at Zaxby’s:

  • According to Zaxby’s customer service, Apple Pay should be enabled at most corporate-owned Zaxby’s locations. However, some franchised locations may not have activated Apple Pay.
  • Newer Zaxby’s locations that opened in the last 1-2 years are very likely to accept Apple Pay. Older locations may still rely on traditional magnetic swipe terminals.
  • Based on customer reports on sites like Reddit, Apple Pay acceptance is hit-or-miss at some Zaxby’s. Some customers have reported it working fine while others could not use Apple Pay at the same location.

So, in summary, while Zaxby’s does technically support Apple Pay, it is not guaranteed or consistent at every single restaurant. Your best bet is to check with your local Zaxby’s or try adding your card to see if Apple Pay works at that specific store. The odds are very good that newer and corporate-owned Zaxby’s will accept Apple Pay.

How to Use Apple Pay at Zaxby’s

Using Apple Pay at Zaxby’s is quick and convenient if the location has it activated. Here is a brief overview of how to use Apple Pay for your Zaxby’s purchase:

  • Add your credit or debit card to the Wallet app on your iPhone. You’ll need to authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID, or your device passcode.
  • When you’re ready to pay at Zaxby’s, simply double-click the side button on your iPhone X or later (or rest your finger on Touch ID sensor if you have an iPhone 8 or earlier) . This brings up your default card.
  • Hold the top of your phone near the payment terminal – do not tap your phone. The terminal will detect your phone and process the payment once approved.
  • You’ll see a checkmark on your iPhone screen confirming the payment went through. No signature is required for purchases under $25.

And that’s it! The whole transaction takes less than 10 seconds. Apple Pay is certainly faster than swiping or dipping a physical credit card.

Perks of Using Apple Pay at Zaxby’s

Perks of Using Apple Pay at Zaxby's

Beyond being quick and convenient, there are some great benefits to using Apple Pay instead of a physical credit or debit card:

  • Rewards Tracking – Any rewards points, cash back, or other card benefits tied to your physical card still apply when you use that card via Apple Pay. It works the same as swiping the card.
  • Easy Organization – You can store multiple cards in Apple Pay and switch between them easily. No more fumbling through your wallet.
  • Enhanced Security – Apple Pay transactions use a unique one-time dynamic security code each time. Your actual card details are never shared with the merchant. This makes Apple Pay more secure than physical cards.
  • Privacy – Apple Pay doesn’t reveal your name, card number, or other personal info to merchants. You remain anonymous.

For these reasons, customers who care about convenience, privacy, and security may want to pay via Apple Pay at Zaxby’s whenever possible. It takes mobile payment to the next level.

Troubleshooting Apple Pay Issues at Zaxby’s

Troubleshooting Apple Pay Issues at Zaxby's

Despite its benefits, you may occasionally run into hiccups trying to use Apple Pay at some Zaxby’s locations. Here are tips to troubleshoot potential issues:

  • Make sure you have added the card to Apple Pay properly and it is set as your default card. Double check it works outside Zaxby’s first.
  • The terminal could be faulty. Try holding your phone in slightly different positions until the payment goes through.
  • As mentioned above, some Zaxby’s simply may not have Apple Pay activated yet. Ask the cashier if they accept mobile payments.
  • If Apple Pay repeatedly fails, try paying with a physical credit card instead. You can always provide feedback to Zaxby’s corporate afterwards about enabling Apple Pay.

With a bit of trial and error, most customers ultimately get Apple Pay working at supported Zaxby’s. Reach out to Zaxby’s customer service if you need additional troubleshooting assistance.

Apple Pay at Zaxby’s – Conclusion

In summary, while not universally supported at every single restaurant, Zaxby’s does generally accept Apple Pay payments. The majority of newer locations have the technology in place and have activated Apple Pay acceptance.

If you’re an iPhone user, keep an eye out for the Apple Pay logo at the checkout counter or try adding your card to see if mobile payment works at your local Zaxby’s. When available, using Apple Pay provides security, privacy, rewards, and convenience benefits compared to paying with your physical wallet. Contact Zaxby’s customer service if you encounter any issues using Apple Pay at a particular restaurant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

1) Does Zaxby’s accept Apple Pay?

A) Yes, most Zaxby’s locations accept Apple Pay, but some franchised locations may not. Check with your local Zaxby’s to confirm.

2) Is using Apple Pay more secure than my physical card at Zaxby’s?

A) Absolutely. Apple Pay transmits unique one-time codes instead of your actual card details. This makes each transaction more secure.

3) Do I still get my credit card rewards when using Apple Pay?

A) Yes, any rewards points or cash back tied to your physical card will be applied to purchases made via Apple Pay as well.

4) What if I can’t get Apple Pay to work at Zaxby’s?

A) First, check that your card is properly loaded into your Apple Wallet. If it still doesn’t work, try holding your phone in different positions or ask an employee for help troubleshooting.

5) Can I use other mobile wallets like Google Pay at Zaxby’s?

A) Unfortunately, Zaxby’s only lists Apple Pay for mobile payments currently. Your best bet is to verify directly with the location if they accept alternatives like Google Pay.

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